The Nacreous Oughts

28 February 2012

Kiu tamen estas
Crystal Bridges, Caring Bridge, crystal radio
blinda en cxi tiu vivo, tiu
estas ankaw blinda en
drink razor wine · from cobweb goblet
la vivo venonta,
angry pilgrim · purblind child
kaj li vagados malproksimen,
for de la vojo
evolve genie · tsar of bargains
oboe dord · ail iris
ease sore cup · puce roses
Æsir Iliad · rodeo Bosnia
grab for a stein · Negev love


(here ends Spaceship to Pluto)


17:72 Whoso is blind here will be blind in the Hereafter, and yet further from the road.
Lojban: Asperger-detector (though ZILSELJIKPRE is more exact than SEZGA'O);
in the defunct flying-era;
Death exists, & so does Magic.


Of course we have
a purpose our pur
pose is to undo
the harm we have
caused in becoming
who we are
2 mothers 2 children
stranded on the median strip
stormclouds & sunshine
bare trees, warm air
not a good idea crossing here
not a good idea
to talk on the phone while driving
or try to write a poem
involving counting syllables


La suno kaj la luno
savant bane airing
sekvas siajn vojojn
Why do i need
law mezuro
to provide a birthday?

said to contain code written by
as if Gemstone file
foggy school zone
the cluster of pinkgold streetlights
over the ravine of the deluxe underpass
& the tufted damp air an inbetween color
less real to me than a song

reading a paperback
with cloth gloves

talaria so ruby
Plutonian shore, only
with a tug passing lunar

this chryselephantine curse
the fountain's ecstatic curse
next to, seems remotely lunar

in Cracker Jacks a ruby
breaks a bicuspid, only
it isn't closure only

in harsh light of the ruby
i tasted again my curse
which turns solar to lunar

lunatics call black lunar
& deem dark's blessing its curse
i trace these deaths with only
one viridian ruby

rip down all hate ice cream


55:5 The sun an the moon are made punctual.
Lojban: that which is known to no one (=Mystery)
The last line is a misheard quote from "My Back Pages" by Bob Dylan.


the part of the ride that's the dark ascent
sed Ia ne awskultis, Li
like farcical fingers
elprenanta la balonon
like faint gestures

kaj remetanta gxin,
what are we to make of this
tute kontente...
extremity, confounded, complete,

excellent as this beginning?
old music
newly ruined roads
the anamorphic screever stands
abstain raven gain
wodwo brew
palindrome explained
palindrome explained
ethanol pours in
newly ruined roads
queen hesitates, cask claws, leaf
horse flesh
confidence man

cherry blossom


Some or all of the E-o here is from Winnie the Pooh.


a cut so fine i cannot see it
a catastrophic ending to that fine life

cerulean, cerulean
let the bombs fall

clathrate gun
our henna pistol easter

certe ili komplotas,
mutiny they terrible want
sed ankaw Mi komplotas

ice purlieu and terrible did
kontraw ili, tial vi
sleepwalkers ice cat left

konsentu tempon al la
magenta anodized aluminum cup
miskredantoj, lasu

avalanche lungfish up grip want
ili iomete en pace
becoming rounder on the bottom

hasten ruin pool
making nights like existence
tarry a little longer in the counting


86:15-17 Lo! they plot a plot (against thee, O Muhammed)/ And I plot a plot (against them)./ So give a respite to the disbelievers. Deal thou gently with them for a while.


venus & crescent & a plane
to the drumbeat of war always war
the only story we know or ever heard
as children heroes & villains
& the white hats win in the end
the long slide into silence
dark blurs in the pale moonlight
nine years getting there
1e3 c5 2Ke2 Nc6 3Ke3
a plusher notion
a harsher thought

another nil opus
determined to live forever

haunters in loop
intersected by an eye

iron houseplant
i water with ash


though 1e4 makes more chess sense, perhaps 1e3 is the better poem


27 February 2012

the smell of dead things
at the desk where i write
banded shadows in the school zone
tick off the stations of this voyage
above me that abstract & unreal
nation unravels
& the roads crumble
into not-roads
& we will still use the name
long after anyone can tell
& what we are living through now
may by then be called
that fall amidst our speech unbeknownst
i speak them
to myself silently
as the sun comes up
over the highway bridge so full
of commuters


the touching story
of a middleclass white family
that saves
one of the following
a crippled puppy a whale an African American
child a homeless man
with a hidden talent
& all the while
the rest of their kind
being destroyed
not by malice but by thoughtlessness
the clearest
underwater view yet
the hospice web page
i must choose a password for


the past never captured in a painting
only another solitude
the taste of black tea
the wanting to find what you lost
another cardboard box
Cxe Allah estas la montrilo de la vojo.
in the unfolding story
Inter ili estas iuj, kiuj devojigas. Se Li volus,
Li montrus al vi cxiuj la vojon.

anchovies away
sealed envelope waiting
by flickerlight
Gentian violet days
deep in the velvet jewel-box of space
is a world where ice is stone; twilight, noon
niveous & slow with one huge satellite
grinning as it rises to fill the sky
landscape of death's despair
Enochian watch towers wheel
bathed in an atmosphere only in the
elongated hundred-year-long summer
restless flickers wander
running along mountain tops
yet reforming as fast as they decay

Al proksimigxas la Horo kaj
la luno fendigxas...


16:9 And Allah's is the direction of the way, and some (roads) go not straight. And had He willed He would have led you aright.
54:1 The hour drew nigh and the moon was rent in twain. (This really happened to me, in Port Townsend.)


sound of some animal moving, occult Hormuz,
in the walls. i listen; daylight seems so harsh
after three days' rain. The diamond is a marsh
& ev'rywhere i walk my footsteps ooze.

Khanjar rhapsody JAUNONONONO
incense gjálfr vault
broken shadows caper spuriously · ask not
odium lysergic fjord
para tu loca
Q R Code
solo in "Southern Man"
injustice sound

five reflections of the one ceiling fan
in the black plastic tops
pf five syrup dispensers
lysergic vault · veil safe
the nightly apparition
or inane plea
for the moon to solidify
a word


Lojban: this is how you write the Mayan number (base 20), which is what we are calling our "2012"...
"pf" is to "of" what "pwn" is to "own" :)
Gjálfr is the sound of the sea, in Old Norse.


to watch flagflutter
never exactly repeat
& the mind's own turbulence
Li grimpis kaj li grimpis kaj li grimpis
masks as volition
Vi male: cxu vi vidis
the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs
Laton kaj Uzzaon kaj Manaton,
with its stifling disortions
la trian, la alian idolon?
the black shadow of something that wasn't there
bewinged grant crabs
of a world of Lalande
two one one eight five
in another year i would start my diary
a year after that a car would hit me
all of those names are engraved
on my memory

three of them are gone
crystal ashtray
Hollerith holes
like bugs in rare array
time is not like a dollhouse
with the twentieth century one room
the twenty first another
& you can take a doll out of its room
& play with it in another · no
think of time as an ocean
& the ocean's waves are us
the wave goes up & down
& something moves through that is not the water
but a pattern
& the water stays the same
& to go back in time
would be for a wave to reverse itself'
it can't reverse itself
unless all the waves reversed themselves
& then there would still be all the waves moving
& the water going up & down
& nothing would be diff'rent
nothing would have changed


the first E-o line is from the Esperanto Winnie-the-Pooh (which i no longer have access to)
53:19-20 Have ye thought upon Al-Lat and Al-'Uzza/ And Manat, the third, the other?
then three lines quoted from The Bell Jar
the Lojban corresponds to 16:90 He exorteth you in order that you may take heed...


moves out in front of me
then comes to a stop

horizons shrunk
to a warm spot to sleep

Zetas from Reticulus
ev'ry knee shall bow
to Cthulhu

estis subita interne, kaj poste silento
the day itself & its graynesses hateful
collected from all the worlds
a drop of rain from each
& then it changes
Between this corn and
    that corn

this one died of cancer last year
another one's parents were murder-suicides
shortly after this picture was taken
& i at the end of the third row
with oversized glasses & plaid shirt
& when was my hair so light
Allah kreis vin, poste Li
the underside of the erect penis
igas vin morti, kaj inter vi
estas iuj, kiuj atingas
then not enclosed
kadukan agon, tiel ke ili
poste nenion plu scias, kion ili


Lojban: a mild spring day
16:70 And Allah createth you, then causeth you to die, and among you is he who is brought back to the most abject stage of life, so that he knoweth nothing after (having had) knowledge...


on Shikoku Bridge
fruit kan loops garoo
garuda rudiment in
rushing culverts
the songs you carry inside you
are all you can take away
& where your eyes have tarried
& what your hands have learned to make
the contrail rood will flourish
with the contrail crescent
cities that might have been populous
footprints maybe still in the regolith
& gather not for protection
but gather to share the tale
that one day we will rise again
& be known among nations

a rushing culvert spoke
& i tallied what it said to me


terrible lamps in delicate fire
planet by planet
Cxu Ni lacigxis
pro la unua kreo? Ne!

the sodden ceiling panels give

Tamen ili
estas en dubo pri

a perfect nonchalance
la nova kreo.
over the bookcases

drenching the cookbooks
stepping suddenness
sound of seagulls

out of a clear sky

squishing in wet shoes
across the Charles Bridge
kaj ke estas
lungfish down
Li la Sinjoro de la
greasy star
stela Sirio
still colder in the dawn
climate shifts one growing zone
northward, & this record storm
fill the river to the tops
of ev'ry levee · lungfish down
among the old tires & junked
ice box shells
out of a clear sky TSANI

coronal mass ejection
skyline of fathoms


50:15 Were We then worn out by the first creation? Yet they are in doubt about a new creation.
Robot X.?
53:49 And that He it is who is the Lord of Sirius.
Lojban: 'sky-wheel-continuer I' ("Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'..." --Journey)


23 February 2012

the unrelenting rain

the screen begins to fill
completely with red stars

En tiu tago Ni diros al la Infero:
"Cxu vi estas plena?",

kaj gxi respondas: "Cxu estas
ankoraw plie?"

the unrelenting rain


50:30 On the day when We say unto hell: Art thou filled? and it saith: Can there be more to come?


deadpan alley
where the tin man lost his bones
tell Amarna
dim bulbs
operating at full capacity
we will always wait for you
tourist in a cold place
larch · in a sea of spruce


the Land of Insolence
& the Land of Lethargy
are not two,
nor are they one.
rubble coast corveé

tax irrevocable
allot Cassandra flinders
whose rancid slanders flit
around marmoreal schnozz

& calcspar phiz
it's grugprab golem or
insurgent occupancy

Grugprab is Dalgarno's word for lethargy.


conversations · at the boundary stone
i came in · at the middle
i don't even know who they're talking about
molten & yielding · thought
rats in the walls · ice in the veins
today as yesterday
not an atom out of place
i refute time thus & return
to the setting up of the pieces
for another game that amounts
to a theoretical novelty
wastage as never before
as never before
do they really not see
or see the towers stand
in imagination, as they have stood
& will continue to stand
in this shadowless light
the place where they once stood
turned now to farmland
& flea markets
on the cusp of the new century
one in which these offences
such as Mitt & Newt
will have been obviated
& the people will know
not by the voices of deceit
but by the heart's own counsel
& the car that awaits me
is going to start
& the vast surplus of books
will be something i welcome
as a task near at hand
i more than anyone is suited for
in the pattern of belonging
cxar Ni estas pli proksima
treasure to be borne back
al li ol lia gorgxvejno
to the hive of remaining


50:16 ...and We are nearer to him than his jugular.


black pixels
on a white sign
an exotic place
to be chased through
to be of use
kaj vi opinios, ke vi
sandstorm blowing in
malfruis nur tre
in a rich man's world
like a plashless bone
vere cxi tiu vivo
estas nur ludo kaj
a measured scar at a full mile
of rot


the first Lojban means something like 'We will go without you'
the next is my version of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream"
17:53 ...and ye will think that ye have tarried but a little while
47:36 The life of the world is but a sport and a pastime.
MENMURSE mind-twilight
quote: "Money money Money" by ABBA
+ 2 quotes from Robot X


silky smooth
in the dark a compass
flight of birds

authentic lineage
bankster GTO
blackened lungfish
5 identical screens to watch
of cartoons while you wait

that lane's all torn up
this one's torn up too
but not as bad
Estas Li Tiu, Kiu montras
al vi Siajn signojn

terrible lamps in delicate fire
kaj sendas al vi el la cxielo
stone lantern
made of papier mache
la provizajxojn
inside are newspapers
that marked the day
edge of the roof-shadow
on the faded planks of the fence
edge of battle

if i ever
lose my sense of danger
edge of traffic
He can hear the door
in the spark


40:14 He it is who showeth His portents, and sendeth down for you provision from the sky.
+ two quotes by robot X
Arkikosa is a Native American name for the Trinity River in N. Texas.


the blank spots that walks ahead of me
sed vi imagis, ke

Ni ne fiksis limtempon por
thunder and rubies at the axle
vi por la plenumigxo

receding like yesterday's purposes
the dogs whine, the microwave beeps
an old set of headphones that don't work

could i go back in time
& lean the records more rigidly upright
they would not have warped

at last
my heart's an open door

fortegan venton


18:49 But ye thought that We had set no tryst for you.
also: '...sandstorm...' (17:68)


Mi jxuras per cxi tiu urbo
i dreamed of a small town flooding
--kaj vi logxas en cxi tiu urbo--
I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie
do they have in the stores there
and I was the star of the movie
better toys · MU'E GALFI
in the still-dark sky
in the grip of something
ten times worse
the hidden track · promise myself
high-priced caffeine later on
Mr Penguin's poppers
to make writing esier
Godiva on Pegasus
skull-masked rider beneath
blue sky, 2 shadow horses
i always thought a kid drew it

less than a week after 9-11
the cops got him
can't ask for better conspiracy cred
than that

skull-masked i wait
poem in hand


90:2-3 Nay, I swear by this city--/ And thou art an indweller of this city.
Lojban: another way to say 'a move in a game'


the sands i glean for gold
& pass from me to stay
become unreal, array
of star-shards in the blank cold
where wander seekers gray

with what they've yet to glean
& now i gather up
wrappers & broken cup
twigs or a rind with mold
& just as much they mean

in the carnival of seekers
in the sparkle-threaded cold


in the parkinglot of Kroger
one old lady offers to help another
winter sunshine
& for once some sleep
lobster-headed guard
a new blank book

things i always meant to fix
anything that is like a mirror
a white thread & a black thread
and thinnest crescent
in the still-dark sky
i worry about things i've forgotten

& things i haven't forgotten
somewhere i have a shell
rows of screens:
blue skies, green fields
in ev'ry one
injustice triumphs
we don't tell each other
stories like that
is it a failure
of the imagination
& all the civilizations
that didn't make it
what was that like?
of one's own indecision
a shadow circling
then growing larger


new semester
in the crowded house

there are that acts are
moves the in game not

bubbles invade my stilled screen
around we are all one campfire

dream green for over to have
chill like moon across the snow
portals · within portals
a mountain of dirty towels
& how far this is · from solving
Certe la homo estas ribelema
i guess they can rot on the counter
cxar li imagas, ke li
just as well as in the pantry
estas sendependa


Lojban: a move in a game
also: the number -i
96:6-7 Verily man is rebellious,/ That he thinketh himself independent!


estas Li
la Sinjoro
de la stela Sirio

blue neon
against the dawn skyline
to the sound of water


FRAXU JOI KURJI =the Benevolent, the Merciful
53:49 And that He it is who is the Lord of Sirius.
SMAJI JOI KUNTI silent & empty


blue cassocks with brass numbers
kia libro estas · tiu cxi!
holomci · Godzilligan
Gi nenion forlasas je
large moving shapes in the dark
la nombrado,
there's not ten movies i would · watch again
grandon aw malgrandan
glimpses from inside that time
that it would soon be ending
what dark bubbles
Lawrence Welk covers
on sturdy 100-gram vinyl


18:50 What kind of book is this that leaveth not a small thing nor a great thing but hath counted it?


a plastic wheel by itself
gxis ili
venis en la valon de Nami

rolling down the sidewalk

Diris virino de Nami:
"Ho vi popolo de Nami, iru

en viajn logxejojn, por ke

Salomono kaj liaj

two moons beneath
trupoj ne surtretu
vin pro neatento!".

mirksome days obtrude
as soon as you think in words
your grasp on jazz slips


27:18 Till, when they reached the Valley of the Ants, an ant exclaimed: O ants! Enter your dwellings, lest Solomon and his armies crush you, unperceiving.


glum bootlegger
elderly puppy · scant repose
all I ever had
as slaughter
as rainfall
loud roar from the smoothie machine
what was Praha
as i walked its stones
but poppy
that would wear off soon
the spell of this song
then black & out
but even black is something
so we populate · the void with monsters
after the job is gone · after the city
that glow · on the far horizon
no city there · nothing to the pole
& i didn't even know it
embedded · in the fotonovela

DJ Capital Gains



quote: that Bob Marley song again, this time in English
Lojban: story without a subject


a weary herd · LA XY'OBU
a rope of sand · solitude's shell
Blackjack · on a Saturday night
a star, surrounded by ice-fathoms
bare fields, & crepitating axioms
TSANI TERPA · Hokusai's tsunami
fallen upon these castle walls · so many years
thrumming · witdimpse
wings beating · from afar

consume my heart away

a rope of sand


LA XY'OBU = 'XO' which is literally what "Badtz Maru" means (so they say)
quote: "Leaving Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crow
TSANI TERPA 'sky fearer' (The future will be "old people in big cities afraid of the sky"...cf)
the rest of the Lojban is my translation of Bob Marley's verse: "These songs of freedom/ are all I ever had,/ redemption songs,/ redemption songs..."
last quote is from "Sailing to Byzantium"


linseed oil
anagram Asterion
be seamlessly adapted to wind blowing
baseline Mnizouris
salt ague brougham faltering amend
mall ossuary
steal second bring nigh toadstool
anthem abolition menthol
as we march among flawed messenger esters
as slaughter
by hand educes rapture
spatter stone nestlings idling stigma
bouquet twine
nil ontological oddments abuse glow
for awakened ring
and igloos abound
fall psilocybin venture
align mire


traffic jam
if we could just
change lanes
enough times
we could get through this
we will not get through this
however many lanes we change
however many times
& the magic will remain
obstinately out of reach
& the Annunaki talk
of this river running full again
its tan grass basin
submerged by the scheduled water drop
the last contrail
spreads above a crowd of hungry
in makeshift tents
we are star dust
we are carbon

i sat with my wife while she tried
to make the computer work
i perfect my Albanian
by winter candle light


quote: "Woodstock" by Joni Mitchell


09 February 2012

if there had been a project
what would it have been
a statue to teach infidels
noncompliants taken out

thus whirlwinds disperse
& i contemplate · these other ruins
& i cannot find · the movie
ears ringing · wrapped up against the cold
in a cold house

i pick white specks from my black cape
& sip strong coffee
an ordering device · in this world
so otherwise devoid of order
i will be your guide

on the snuffed-out paths


kaj pri la poetoj,
kiujn sekvas la erarantoj

Mare Ligeia
useless erudition
for a thegn of Dingir Illum
an ounce of patchouli
cold feet in wet shoes


26:224 As for poets, the erring follow them.


of the goddesses
perhaps not Freyja

in brilliant sunlight
with the heat turned off

marionette lines

up above
the Russian River


TODNAON =an Enochian name
"up above...(the rushing river)" =Ferron: "Misty Mountain"(--which i have always heard as 'Russian River' for some reason


Horse-ebooks lied
Cxiun novan admonon,
living for those red circles
kiu venas al
Elvis would have been 77 today
ili de ilia
the wet, glistening roadways
Sinjoro, ili
yellow light in the dash
awskultas mokante
blinking yellow schoolzone
crawling yellow into red morphs

carbon islands
in a chlorine sea
arcane lahars
cranial shawabty

"that life is temporal"


21:2 Never cometh there unto them a new reminder from their Lord but they listen to it while they play.


a tall woman, heavy-set,
tiny eyes, tattoos
wants to talk to the manager

memorized spiel, stranded, kids
(nowhere in evidence), trying to get home
to Ft Worth · can i help

"you can use the phone," i say but she holds up
her own, much newer than mine
& i sigh

a year or two ago she was here before
with some similar sad story
& i am sorry now i did help her

if she comes back again i will call the cops
a kind of textured darkness
what can this span support

silvery & the yesterday wind
Corinthian doubleplus undead
extreme journalism

up to the lip of the Maelstrom
& beyond
the moon a white smear

in a sea of violet


Hollerith cardsharper
a windowless aria flown
carpal pang Chaldean
in one of the lesser Oz books

to catch the last light
at the top of the steps of the library
most of the town in shadow already

mass graves yawn
the pause extends woefully
our agent from beyond the pale
working out sums on brown wrapping paper
a path in the sky

Tahoma inverted
old flowered calendar
still in December
hellish shift
vere ne estas la okuloj,
liuj estas blindaj,

some crumbs of dried milk fall
sed blindaj estas la koroj,
liuj sidas en la brustoj.

when i tip my coffee a splash

somehow i set it going
without closing the lid

how strange to hear it growling
with the lid still lifted

cheering crowds
wad of kleenex on the floor at the hospital
all the vampires
move west on Mulholland

my silences
as well as my speech


22:46 For indeed it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts, which are within the bosoms, that grow blind.
"Free Falling" by Tom Petty


proxy war
between Lemurian zombies
& unicorns of Atlantis
Neniu populo
kapablas akceli · sian destinon
nek prokrasi gxin

voice of an honor killing
in the shadowless cold light

Fats Waller & dusty leaves
Christmas presents in January
still wrapped · accusing
the need for a crown

with or without health insurance


23:43 No nation can outstrip its term, nor yet postpone it.


gray, tired faces
ushabti tsunami shard
ebon at risk stark
aspect bungled end game ambergris wishness
osmotic shape rattle arthropod
adorn brood
trail your steel pikes
the myst'ry signal
broadcasting for decades from Russia




warmth in my hands of the white cup
inside me the change · inside me the dire rigor
a kleenex used, that the dog can snatch
from the backed-up lane three cars peel away
one after the other, like synchronized swimmers

contrail at dawn · Numan in the CD player
the horizon powdery graypink shading into lilac-aqua
with an air overall of mild bemusement
among the tense mechanicals

the illusion of action at a distance · this wind
that thrives at · the bright edges
of puddles


white spiral
where the street meets the sky

brake abruptly
Boswell Sisters continue singing

is not celery-crunch
there should be words for this

crossing over
in an old car · crossing
over in a newer

the skyline vague · a cop car
parked on the median
like a lizard in the sun

Lenin writing
in a Swiss cafe
the artists with their rude tricks

bare trees in bright sun
a pot of tea would be nice
this is the last climb


the Eloi are not kind
nor are they sane,
their own plans undermined

the Eloi are not kind
because they're blind
--which doesn't quite explain

the Eloi are not kind,
nor are they sane


sparse-regular fading to
more a texture than a pattern
yet on the face of a moon
can be read as the more-bombarded leading edge

wallpaper made of this word
ondo kovras gxin, super gxi
lapping the long shadows
estas ondo, super tiu estas
do i decelerate unwillingly
nubo; tavoloj de mallumego,
will i be late to work if my car breaks down
unu super la alia; kiam
can i get reimbursed
li etendas sian manon,
li preskaw ne povas vidi gxin.

tie a broken rubber
band back together


24:40 There covereth him a wave, above which is a wave, above which is a cloud. Layer upon layer of darkness, when he holdeth out his hand, he scarce can see it.


spirit procedure
lacewings newly hatched
red coat crossing
under a red stoplight
silverhair · newly hatched
this week not at my last dime
outside · in the cold distance
watch the inner lane
& the middle lane close

as regular as waves


"All Along the Watchtower"


the Wall of the Unknown Ones
Se Ni estus volinta,
coats for the homeless
Ni estus vekinta

collected by a school
en cxiu urbo.

one letterstamp short
start the ball rolling
of various sizes · pale statuette
in wan sunlight
the drone of a small plane

we feel so strongly
the necessity of depicting violence
a hundred years from now

it'll be our spats & crinolines
everything in it · has happened before

to somebody else
Aw kiel mallumego
en profunda maro


25:51 If We willed, We could raise up a warner in every village.
24:40 Or as darkness on a vast, abysmal sea.


Tengwar Dragnet
all harm in my eyes · i begin to recede
not this · not that
as heat percolates · up from the car floorboards
and this good news · we needed
it may be years yet


varathaned cheongsam
orange afterimage
Sargasso Sea
or Saragossa
prize for opening with

signed by tentacles
ushabti psalm thrid
bane abstruser it sinks up as · faux
Plimsoll tmesis · staying sharp

argyle lids
adorn oboe walls · indigo fenestrate
sands · ibis tsunami stew
or luster ascot

dearth · NU PINDI
Por tiu, al kiu
Allah ne donas lumon,

birdlime chronicle
ne estas lumo.


NU PINDI poverty
24:40 And he for whom Allah hath not appointed light, for him there is no light.


Osiris scattered
the searchers at knives with
each other

gangrene is winning
i know a lot of answers
secrets that will die with me
good secrets
holy secrets

Osiris scattered
the trail marked with strips of rags


yet another modernist longpoem
to ward away oncoming night

sweep · peripheral
blur · candycanes

glow · LE PURDI

the closed captions on court tv
write "realities" when the judge says "realize"
no doubt the auto-complete's first suggestion
souls twisted by malice
& intellectuals for hire
will perjure on demand
i turn from this whole bookshelf
fresh air fresh air
so much energy poured
into not sharing
into not seeing
into not saving

what could have still been saved

could have still
by the light of a burning constitution


Lojban: see discussion of this phrase


a rare cancer
upside down on your mortgage
gorgonosaurs answer

a rare cancer
churns in the wheels of the dancer
not to lose this baggage

a rare cancer
upside down on your mortgage


02 February 2012

GJ 667Cc, with a minimum mass of 4.5 earth's & a revolution period of 28.15 days, is the latest "Earth-analogue" to be announced (2/2/12). A second planet in the system (#6 on this list, after Vinegaroon, i have not yet considered it for naming. (For now i am going with "Manât".) The system being metal-poor (log Fe/H= -0.59), i would expect it to be rather large.

HR 6426, HIP 84709 ABC has a Hipparchos parallax of ".14345 & stellar magnitudes of 5.91, 7.98, & 10.24 respectively. Its age is estimated at 2-10 billion years. Component C is now at an apparent distance of 30" (8-30.5") from the A-B system, which corresponds to 230 AU at 6.8 parsecs. The spectral type of C is given as M1.5 or M2.5 & its mass 0.310 times the Sun's.

The visual luminosity at this distance is 0.003393117467 which is not a bad fit for M2 V (though the mass then should be higher, up to 0.4) & using a B.C. -1.58 & stellar temperature 3310 K i derive a bolometric luminosity of 0.014541154 & a stellar radius of 0.37. The blackbody temperature of the exoplanet comes to 277.4072271 K.

If these observed separations for the AB-C system represents its limits, the eccentricity is 0.58 & the semimajor axis is around 134 AU (total mass 1.564), for a period of 1243 years.

The planet orbits at 0.122567211 AU. Its tidal effect works out to 20.6, so a synchronous rotation is to be expected. In other words, this world will be much like the now-disputed Zarmina...

This star continues to surprise us.(6/13)

--According to a somewhat arbitrary algorithm of my own, the metallicity 0.257039578 corresponds to a planetary density of 0.36 times Earth's; this makes the radius 2.318662321, gravity 0.837023217 & escape velocity 1.39309322. (7/14)


numbers on a piece of paper
in someone else's writing
a photo of a blue dumpster
Se Li volus, Li
other worlds
forpreni vin
the earth-analogues
kaj estigi
carry in your hand
novan kreon.
a splash of dark brown coffee
in a violet saucer
above the Stag Moat
the north front of the Castle

now among them are some
with an air of brokenness
the boarded-up store fronts

have taken up residence
in my story


see note to 43


frogs riding squirrels
might make that sound
the unincorporated wastes recoil
Tiam ili diris: "Du magioj,
kiuj subtenas

frogs riding squirrels
unu la alian" kaj tiam
into a landscape of smoke
ili diris: "Ni
rifuzas ambaw."

sickness, decay & dying


28:48 They say: Two magics that support each other; and they say: Lo! in both we are disbelievers.


follow me down to Fairview
runing with scissors
devouring land

bulldozing the corpses
in bright sun-light
into a landfill of smoke

play back the tapes
grainy, hard to decipher
sickness, decay & dying

in bright sun-light


we tarried but a day
or part of a day

follow me down to Fairview
runing with scissors
devouring land

we tarried but a day
or part of a day




kaj Manaton,
la trian,
la alian idolon

of dark · of death
of ivory · of clothes

of desolation · to learn keeping

on the shore of a manmade lake


53:19 And Manat, the third, the other?
RACYDRI 'fragile, sad (things)' = mome raths
MI BANZU NELCI 'i am sufficiently fond'
finally, more Robot X


when the last trash of Christmas is carted off
a trick in whist Se Li volus, Li
povus forpreni vin · kaj estigi

we bled inside
novan kreon.
each childless womb
nothing easier
to imagine than the end of the world;
to imagine things otherwise,
nothing harder

the engulfed


35:16 If He will, He can be rid of you and bring (instead of you) some new creation.
"Candles in the Rain" by Melanie
perhaps also a reference to Debussy in the last 2 lines


the longest night
& after · if
still in a year from now

the question hovers
in so many ways

going over the letters
nothing, where a drawer should be
subfusc welkin

take it to da house
2 kinds of meat

as if in lusters known


dark brew · in a crooked cup
Vi kreis min · el fajro
kaj lin el · argilo

running through the wet glass
remove a letter & it is "death"
all the intellectuals
avid to extol
impossible economics
& blockhead wars
where do they all come from?

noise putty


38:77 Thou createdst me (=Iblis) of fire, while him Thou didst create of clay.
"Desperately Wanting" by Better Than Ezra though he probably was singing "grass" not "glass"
"Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles


overturned · by all high aims
Wolverine goes to Hell
fangs of dregs dark hallow
the chrysoprase sky

as i sat on the timeworn curb
in a deserted square in Prague

cripple mildew · lately clouded
breakage · merrily along

Outside, the vampires waited.


first quote: St Elmo (Augusta Evans)
second quote (i picked up at random): Evernight by Claudia Gray


"Chiron" ahead of me
in the left turn lane
forbidden compassion
on the argonaut circuit

neither to upraise
where sole balloon-spheres hover
violet eyes
in black & white
lozenge furrowed
ycelpt PALCI
trees that give no shelter
trees that give no shelter
violet implants

stint on candlelight

loose film in a paper bag
i wonder briefly what it is
tombstones higgledy-piggledy
keep the music flowing
and other nameless objects
Wolverine goes to Hell
        qibla noir
Bwana Beowulf
how silvery the echoes run
silvery · & the yesterday wind


PALCI evil XEKYBLA dark blue KANDYBLA light blue (which are different colors in Slavic languages)
Robot X (?)--No, St Elmo
last line is from one of my early (70's) computer randomizations


Luqman running squamous am
falter ingot brummagem running into

infirm sip
and egg tsunami

squalor Luqman salvages empty
motionless tug as
dawn emerges of random flotsam

start relishing frost fingers
interior agriculture hollowness

start abrupt
frequency Luqman
smart smog sales

again revoking ambergris crown
Luqman on angel wings inks


en la tempo de la nescio
Guugu Yimithirr

these things prey upon my mind
like flying snakes

the hour of being desp'rate to solve this, fades;
the wind from the hour's predicament, remains.

planet this close to the flames
the ground torn up
where we used to go

scraping the windowtint
inch by inch
in the cold before the dawn
many things can be understood


33:33 ...in the Time of Ignorance... (Jahiliyyah)
Lojban: angry arctic-bird/penguin (=Badtz Maru)


pennies from henbane
to the banks of the Rhine

across the wide waste
no passage sets forth
dark blue & light blue
sighing of old wars

in another book numbers
dance · in another life
i learned certain things
which i have now forgotten

& this hour that won't wait
even to bid adieu
to the stones as its light fades

comes back many years hence


the fall of Rome, & all my secret griefs;
smoke melts into sky, from leaves once burned
a line at McDonald's slows · the frankford fiend
& the daylight curse
machine grinding its teeth · Phthiotan wine
six-leggèd soldiers quaff
callipygianize · the eschaton
into secret prisons
the mild winter sunshine
from pattern to texture
Guugu Yimithirr


there's half of it
if we had the other half it might be fixed

avert the voodoo
by pretending not to care

the police line closing in
listening to poetry

among others who pass

the other hues
of autumn


returning to a trail now cold
without regard
for the palpitating mass of desirers
but to do what is needful
this machine barely here
these fluorescents so smiling
this soundtrack i did not choose
Kraken Mare, Ligeia Mare
sloth orphanage
the silent city of the dead
purple-gray sky Koreshist night
a heaviness in the gut


never fear, tiny people
& the missing knobs

will be restored
just this moment or a moment short

shamans slain by the overhead
There lies

The Blue-Glass World
Place the Blue Candle in

The Blue Lantern

avenue of elms

your face crooked
for the rest of your life


first quote: Progressive commercial
second: Korean shaman song, from Mu-Ga: the Songs of Korean Mudangs


the toad talisman
we hereby do summon

hyacinth Lethe
By maggot-pies and choughs and rooks brought forth
the cold periastron
of 99 names

stone sphere · on a dead night


quote: Robot X
Lojban: bitterfruit (=zaqqum) act
quote: Shakespeare (Corolianus?)


we're forced to crawl · but the soul wants wings
the ballroom's small · but the soul wants wings

seeking what · will sing us back
in a shopping mall · but the soul wants wings

tossed above · the churning crowd
a voodoo doll--but the soul wants wings

wine-redolent · cerulean days
for the alcohol · but the soul wants wings

& i Graywyvern · musingly troll
in a crystal ball · but the soul wants wings


snow so long · utterly fled
& the light of that day
hawteto · de daktilkerno
conjure iron
Se vi vokas ilin, · ili ne awdas vin,
conjure iron bonds
kaj, ecx se ili awdus, · ili ne povus
cerulean pellucid
respondi al vi


35:13 ...the white spot on a date-stone.
35:14 If ye pray unto them they hear not your prayer, and if they heard they could not grant it you.


spagyric propylus

know you're enemy


shambles the word
propylus lift
a Russian postcard, 1933
shadows across the road
from the red & yellow trees
conjure iron
the tenderness you withhold
all the hours of the day
an old idol
crosses the moonlit burying ground


thrifty penguin
sufficient thereunto

government zombies
pinwheels for eyes

rows of birds on power lines
silhouetted in the afterglow


indefinite detention
of any American citizen
that's what we were demanding
in our makeshift tents
let the files be opened
with the flying saucer secrets
prolific & short-lived
hot rod Willys


my heart the only labyrinth
that loses ev'ryone
black wall feathery
like the edge of a fog-bank
warning lights that warn
not specifying what
winter sunshine
five minutes to midnight
man on a high crane
bobbing next to the broke stoplight


in this labyrinth of days
the safe rain
will break your navigation

you will go homeless
save for the labyrinth
of self
& of self's follies
Mare Acidalium

rise · before the sun


quote: Robot X


in the arms of the intel

they pay me to stand here
waving this damn sign

or some more frantic fate
Phthiotan wine

Nascar Torcross


in this light
that suppresses all questions
this thought
that suppresses all light
shadow of gravel
maybe a Weltanschauung
Sumerian roots
punned in a shadowy mushroom cult

talk to the blackbirds
or the third that walks beside

fuchsia elephantiasis
fuchsia elephantiasis

i wait
till there is shooting in the streets


cold, & no more rain
frost-rimmed puddles on the way to the dumpster

more duct tape on leather glove

car that makes me stand in the cold
watching till the light goes out


water moving beneath my wheels
Zarmina fading
as though it had never been
there will be others
i say
as under gray the cars
lurch from their anxious sleep

while we enter ours


the woods decay
cxu ili ne vojagxis
the woods decay and fall
sur la tero
por vidi,

kiel estis
the red light always on
la fino de tiuj antaw ili?
water moving beneath my wheels
Tiuj estis pli
multenombraj ol

on to Aldermaston
ili kaj pli fortaj
on to Alderaan
je povo kaj je la
signoj, kiujn

I remember Aldebaran
ili postlasis
sur la tero.

Tio tamen,
of dead squirrels
kion ili akiris,
in an empty house
neniom utilis al ili.


40:82 Have they not travelled in the land to see the nature of the consequence for those before them? They were more numerous than these, and mightier in power and (in the) traces (which they left behind them) in the earth. But all that they used to earn availed them not.
also, 'the woods decay' (Spenser?) & 'I remember Aldebaran' (Santayana)


la saman sorton, kiu
trafis la popolon
de Noa,
kaj la Aadanojn
kaj la Tamudon, kiuj estis
post ili.

bezyatie fez
Uz cyanotic naught striped
fill fez of least Oz mulct Czar scoriac pyre
fathoms ink

hollow atoll with actively ingot
narwhal fulcrum agaric
whist itch ash
stillborn crush like spurious zephyr adorn

aftermath lithic
slowly all uffish mesmerized Oz
following sferics elude next fall
isthmus ptyx


40:31 A plight like that of Noah's folk, and A'ad and Thamud, and those after them...



nakji bokum

collect dewdrops
to fill a blueglass bottle

Sehpurpur King Ghidorah


BLACYCOLBLA 'glass of blue'




See the discussion of 41:28.


Maronian ore
organs harvested

drudge & broke too
between the stars

gold where the sun has fled
sweet smell of rotting meat

the reluctance to try
anything else by someone whose one thing you like


apocalypse beyond PhotoShop
over sky

all the redundant sweets

ev'ry car
driving slow against me on purpose

on the ocean floor


honking labradoodle
soft signs sort
would that my pocketbook
were like this drainous sinus
filled soon as emptied
& my hands that will now smell of coffee
reach safe harbor in the cool pale waters
of your flesh
& you smile at me
& our future's not touch & go


i am truly one of those

the moment you forget me


were these pictures


my lizard-head zither speaks
CAKCURNU glowcat
igloo all poutnik twaddle
scrip fathoms
stay riddle aggry glowwormy bot
northern fathoms glow
Tlaloc sprung fortunate augurous stopgap
snaggle wilt
ukase at twilight


CAKCURNU mollusk ('shell worm')


Content Provider
in beta

t'ward sandstone pity
t'ward the snare
that is no snare
semi dried grease
on the fake wood countertop
these words

already outrun me


   a pang here & there
& great gaps of unremembered time
this is the turf we contest
hebdomedal, sublunary & gray
grief & the permutations of desire
hypocrisy that we can control
even this traffic light
& to turn from the left or the far left lane
in the face of oncoming cars


vere, ili
estis la perdantoj

born of distant dark planet names
Quaoar argyle
vere ili
JBENA fildjan
estis la


All lines in green font are Esperanto, & of these, all but one are taken from Italo Chiusi's La Nobla Korano (Kopenhago, 1969). Here, 'vere...perdantoj' corresponds to Pickthall's 46:18 Lo! they are the losers.
The Lojban (always in capitals) is taken to be a translation of 'born of distant dark planet names' ("Oh Oh Plutonium").


now i ride in my armor-ego
my armor-ego
of dinosaur grease
now i ride in my armor-ego
my armor-ego
of dinosaur grease
now i ride in my armor-ego
my armor-ego
of dinosaur grease
now i ride in my armor-ego
my armor-ego
of dinosaur grease


ev'ryone wants this
& its gravitational pull
rattles the window latch
in Astrophage Town


to want what you never will be given
the wind-curved sandhills
gray dawn
Pražský Hrad
a picture
faded out at the edges
my veins run sluggish
at this hour
from no homeland
that's ever been


quote: Pickthall's Koran, 46:21
L. 'gray twilight'
Pražský Hrad = Prague Castle


kevlar warbot
ex poet laureate
beaten with billy clubs
the pen
knocked from my hand
ghost mall
charges an extra dollar
there are those who dispute
ev'ry aspect of B----'s story
a place filled with food smells
and geometric motions
when I heard the learnèd astronomer
sopping with dew
in the pinkgold sodiums
even the photographs
of an archaic sort

talk all night
the heartsong
his fuse burning out
up there alone

touch finger to a crumb
to lift it up


first quote: Walt Whitman
second quote: "Rocket Man" by Elton John


exploits & sufferings of plasma
forms, flames
Dii involuti

bitter & begrudging
the pulsating walls
of the narcissist's domain


"forms, flames": Wallace Stevens "forms, flames, and the flakes of flames"


         "Spaceship to Pluto"

the day itself & its graynesses hateful
marooned in all the worlds
and i have taken home a new blank book
the dog no longer strong to jump
the order of these pictures
left to conjecture
will you force the police to crack down
imagining they won't
that's the radically utopian game plan
chihuahua amok on the highway

what falls to the old utopian
who might be there today
if he hadn't had a job
chronicler bigtime dispossessed
aloof & unwary


across a burning plain


Other possible titles: Pattern Wolf; Gibbous Tombstone; The Color I Can't Stand; Khrafstras.
LE KUMTE KUNTI CUKTA CADZU = (Lojban) 'the camel-empty book walker'


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