The Nacreous Oughts

21 June 2016


(by david worthington on facebook)

"This also returned me to one of my favoured go-to analogies for the current situation, namely, civilization as the post-impact Titanic. In a comforting manner I’ve reminded myself that the EU referendum probably amounts to little more than a rearrangement of the deckchairs or orchestral music on the sinking Titanic, or, perhaps more accurately, it is a change with regard to where and with whom one stands. But there is little point rocking the boat when the boat is already sinking. As to whether we are nearer the aft, the stern, the lifeboats, or how much time we have left, all that we can know with much confidence is that the ship will sink. The only meaningful thing that we have any significant control over is how we behave towards one another as it goes down!" --Pagan Metaphysics blog

"Sunitinib costs approximately $466 / capsule."

"jetztzeit- Walter Benjamin uses this term in his ‘Theses on the Philosophy of History’ to describe a notion of time that is ripe with revolutionary possibility, time that has been detached from the continuum of history. ...Benjamin contrasts jetztzeit with the ‘homogeneous empty time’ of the ruling class, which is history written from the perspective of the victors..." --Oxford reference

The dead don't go away.

"Briefly put, Griffiths argues that there are three types of last things possible for creatures: annihilation, simple stasis, and repetitive stasis." --Kenneth Oakes on Decreation (2014)

11 cat islands.

"However, the last three syllables from the third line are always omitted in sijo singing, for some reason lost in antiquity. The meaning of the poem is not affected by this truncation, as these three syllables are usually only verbal inflections." --The Concise Garland Encyclopedia of World Music


"Dude, Algiers killed the momentum here resignation." --from the machine translation of Perec's long palindrome

(from Phase IV [1974], via darklyeuphoric on tumblr)


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