The Nacreous Oughts

01 July 2010

    Seven Eight Earths

a moon of LIR
blackbody temp 264 K No earth-sized moon possible.

TORMANCE aka Zarmina's World, Gliese 581 g. Blackbody temp 246 K. More. Trapped rotation. Probably sufficient atmosphere to create equable temperatures on the eastern face, if not at the pole. Some pics.

USK blackbody temp 171 to 256 K

ARTEMIS blackbody temp 337 to 487 K Too hot.

DANZIG blackbody 281 K Too big?

PALINURUS blackbody 320 K

ST BARNABAS, a moon of LARAN blackbody 213 to 293 K Too young.

Max moon orbit 0.042 AU (via). Which means its solar day is at least four weeks (to be outside the "Callisto Zone")...

     Aurelia, as pictured in the National Geographic Series Alien Worlds a.k.a. Extraterrestrial: note the darkside polar orientation

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