The Nacreous Oughts

07 February 2013

notes to Santa Muerte 

1. Petula Clark
Boot Hill Express- a famous custom show car of the sixties; it was basically a glass-walled hearse
War Chest Tour- protesters at the 1984 Republican Convention (& others) went from downtown tower to downtown tower, announcing the crimes of their corporate occupants
2. unlace chat limit = anagram of Miclantecihuatl
"speak to the wind" (as [talk]): a song by King Crimson
5. Lojban 'not believe, but know'
6. the wood of the suicides: Dante's Inferno, canto 13
10. Rolling Stones
12. from the movie Music Box
Lojban 'infinite peace'
13. Neil Young
14. Esperanto: Korano 2.264 'His likeness is as the likeness of a rock whereon is dust of earth; a rainstorm smiteth it, leaving it smooth and bare.' (Pickthall)
16. at Sedlec
Collinwood: in the TV show "Dark Shadows"--but also: the name of the nursing home where my mother-in-law has been staying
19. "domes of ice/ a maiden singing": refers to the Coleridge poem "Kubla Khan"
"...the sun/ only a brighter/ star": refers to Three Dog Night song "Out in the Country": "Before the sun/ is just a bright spot/ in the nighttime..."
20. white arch: the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas
23. not that Dave Ramsey
25. "in the desert of the real": "welcome to the desert of the real"--the famous line from The Matrix that was used by Slavoj Žižek for his response to 9-11
24. character in "Li'l Abner"
26. "negotium [ambulans in tebebris]: Psalm 91:6
malamati: see note 32.
29. Rickie Lee Jones
30. the nearby red dwarf star Lalande 21185 (which once was thought to have planets), is here translated into another number base (21)
from the movie Liquid Sky
32. Esperanto Korano 5.54 'the blame of any blamer'
34. the name of the book: Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him
35. "penult" of course, is a reference to Mallarmé's prose-poem
Lojban 'blame me'
tanniyn- considered by some to be the Old Testament word for 'dinosaur'
Plath: "The Detective"
38. Lojban 'to die'
42. Horace, Art of Poetry "eyes without a face": Billy Idol
44. from the film Aelita
45. geis- (Gaelic) a dare that must be taken
46. Robin Trower
47. droke = drunk + broke
bhangra- a genre of Punjabi music
52. i later used this paragraph as the beginning of something else
53.unvigesimal =base 21
ontogolies: intentional spoonerism of "ontologies"
Gylfi: from the Elder Edda
54. Auto Beatnik (Horizon magazine, May '62)
55. firn: hand-packed granular snow
56. "should count as law school": William Gillespie's mnemonic for his 14 vowel sound poetry-- "Twenty consonant writimng--a joy [which i amended to: 'oy veh']--should count as law school."
58. Lojban 'white face' (the clowns' autonym)
59. Nithon- the Lovecraft moon of Yuggoth i identify with Pluto's Charon
"Amercia": the nation that leads the world in per capita incarcerations (from "amerce"= punish); aka "God's Country"
Taneraic 'of jasmine' (in Glaugnea, this means: the B-side of a 45-single)
Lojban 'sour-quality'
house of Yes- the 1997 movie with Parker Posey as a girl who believes she is Jackie O.
60. white smoke rising- sign that a new pope has been chosen
flysch- a type of fossiliferous soul
rishima- in Qabbalah: the residue of the Holy, after Tsimtsum
"selenotroope" should be: "selenotrope" (cf heliotrope)
61. Club of Rome [Report]: subtitled "The Limits to Growth". i was 14 when i read this. they were pretty much right about everything.
62. Esperanto Korano 4.100 'refuge and abundance'
witch house: a genre of music (e.g. Salem), named after a Lovecraft story
Lojban 'blame'
63. sqaip, ts !a'q- Coast Salish words, meaning respectively: a powerful nomadic war spirit; a spirit that helps you in your work
terra nullius- the legal concept which enabled Europeans to justify their dispossessions in the "New World"
jairce- the smell of rain on the wind
xoanon- a crude wooden idol
65. Klingon neologism for 'The Prophet'
deluge on the installment plan: cf Celine- Death on the Installment Plan
66. Lojban 'white face of me'
al-ithara wa al-faza: Salam Pax's Arabic for "shock and awe"
ighlysre (spamtest word) defined by me as- a two dimensional image on a three dimensional surface
anacyclosis- the cycle of kinds of political order (democracy, dictatorship, aristocracy)
nazodapesad- (Enochian) 'sword or swords'
&n then: a typo for & then
67. "drowning slowly": "Brick" by the Ben Folds Five
Jyestha =Kali
71. apophyge- part of an Ionic or Corinthian column
Esperanto: 7.46 'on the heights' (the title of Surah vii, which inspired Poe's "Al Aaraaf")
The Latin Anthology: Anthologia Latina, a late Empire collection edited in North Africa
72. Jethro Tull
Simon & Garfunkel
74. Esperanto 4.157 'we only suppose'
"star/ if you are": William Burford
Almach: the beautiful "double star" gamma Andromedae, calculated by myself long ago to be uninhabitable, & according to the Internet, having as "inhabitants androgynous dragonflies superior to us"
75. Lojban 'you (imperative) remember!"
olibanum = frankincense
77. the fortune...: at one time i was majoring in Physics
78. Lojban 'melting-clock era'
79. Lojban 'the horse-riding song' which was the title used by Dr Llambias's translation of Lorca's celebrated 'Song of the Horseman' poem
80. "derevaun seraun": supposed Gaelic for 'the end of pleasure is pain' (Joyce)
Lojban 'mosque'
shapka (Turkish)- a western style hat
82. Fleetwood Mac
"through orchid bogs": from Wintering
83. Jack Spicer
zraqa dshimsa- Assyrian for 'the moment the sun touches the horizon' which is like Lojban SRAKU JIMCA 'cutting branch'
Sxwaixwe- a Coast Salish deity i adopted during my stay in Seattle
85. Lojban 'the name of Allah'
screever- a sidewalk chalk artist
86. talaria- winged sandals
Grand Ourse (French) = the Big Dipper
85'. droshky- a fast, horse-drawn carriage
"sad thing known to man": "Tears of a Clown" (Smoky Robinson)
86'. Lojban 'leader of the bears' & 'connector-consciousness' (perhaps the one indisputable Whorfian effect acquired by Lojban-users
Pluto is now "asteroid 134340" to the astronomers
87. 1st line parodies Olson's "in cold hell, in thicket"
"[remember] you are ash": Ash Wednesday service
swans freezing to the ice: a reference to Mallarme
91. cfate =fate (typo)
92. "a living carver of the monster's liver": Royston's Lycophron
thesaurus poring over: Plath's preferred method of composition, early on
yardang- wind shaped sandhills found in Mongolia & according to one source from my childhood, also Venus
runaway verge envy: anagram of Gray Wyvern Avenue
93. wuxia- name of the Martial Arts film genre in which the protagonist is a solitary travelling 'knight'
Rattenkrieg- 'war of the rats' (to quote Amazon: "Rattenkrieg was the term used by German soldiers during the battle for Stalingrad to describe the type of vicious, close quarters battle they experienced there while fighting a determined force of Russian soldiers and partisans street by bloody street."
ferenghi- 'Frank' (medieval exonym of Muslim
mongo- something found on the street
khrafstras (Old Avestan)- 'vermin'; term taken up by Negarestani; cf also Robot X: "that is the vermin's march"
docile canopy: anagram of Cyclonopedia
cicalatide: cicada season (in Dallas)
94. Phil Collins
Candaon- used as my name for the newly discovered earthlike exoplanet Gliese 163c
pondsaltor- to know the parts but not the sequence of something
clefskiosk- to do things out of order &n find it okay
this section incorporates notes for an unfinished science fiction story i briefly contemplated, about a future in which natural death is unknown
96. parodies part of "Eleanor Rigby"
civetendow- (spambot test word)to be sort of familiar with a sequence, yet not know what is coming directly next; could also mean- to spray with musk, like a civet cat
omdowlor (Cornish word)- yused to mean: an imaginary history
Led Zeppelin
also- Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach"
96. Endor: home moon of the Ewoks; also, in 1 Samuel 28:4-25, a curious anecdote involving the consultation of a witch
that blackness descends: "That blackness that descends on me when I think of my dead." (Ford Madox Ford)
97. from Rowe's Lucan
reference is made to a cassette i own which was one of Throbbing Gristle's infamous boxed set of cassettes "24 Hours of Throbbing Gristle"
97. Lojban 'terminal limit' used as title of Lina Persson's mysterious YouTube film in Lojban
99. kintsugi- (J.) the art of beautiful repair

NOTA BENE "part 3 of a 3-part work" should be "part 2..." (typo)

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