The Nacreous Oughts

27 November 2007

    Giant Projects to Change the World

your stepping and loving
but the carnival in Create a womb,
Trojan son of that war on learning that is, the jewels i
lose track of Dysentery
1.My wedding ring something like
than languageno trace · clearing · damagelouring ·
sovereign good · for the sense of a
at the UndersongI hear what
happens if your love
and day But if this blue
oxygennascar holiday romance · blur bismuthand
i have enough · to being then he
makes nowadays, one Fear awaitsAnd chills his own
My fears,Where, i can
follow.You must first to have learned
being deported and wrydiet of Asgard, is then
this apogee plaintiffabides.
The eye, turquoise tiger eye,
and where Alaska was no one Fear and >
toil! will i lost in fear
to Enya.Arch

K. S.

06 November 2007

Gunther makes a video appearance--!

How box of birds is that?

K. S.

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