The Nacreous Oughts

30 September 2006

   The Girl with the Pearl Nose-ring

its cheek.The
dark is discouraging news indeed, though we
still and the woodland
flung,Of American
artist Patti Smith,
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K. S.

29 September 2006

   Mothman at Ground Zero

none;} face Hath yet was the
wind moves over them, the hand
has a message we flower
in this is no fire consumes to Brahms,
the duty was allotted, mad as to rise
and they know
sport anything adumbrating ...The
to rainshower of work
to rise
Bob Rafelson the windand one crystal
bat split, spread flat its guts yellow
quartz. When Adam in the future: confine of
its heavy trust aspiring to
remind us That He never before Our
crops are leaving
for the computer lab at 6:
location. href.

K. S.

28 September 2006

   The Future of War

Reof THE same moral
hell as our island
shoreThey sound much too sad to the
bend like that Sven Nykvist, yesterday,
but your weedy wharves
an mortal, poured forth their tresses
been. &#convinced that moved a links:via
Juan Cole winter moontaking all
with me
as to the
toad or producer passes
away, it Fine as
H&#Bicknell, in: his talent.    In a man reaches
his talent.    In a
years before he never

K. S.

27 September 2006

   Let the Healing Begin

in 10 The
Practice of
silver.To that Sven >
Nykvist, was in these times of its
Spirits of the Unseen World War II. Mauldin, The
Lected I was in from the wings
and Whsipers and
languorous silk and layer of saying that
wallopstwinkling afflictionruck frost
a film...aficionados
across crisply mutiny finalangular pools · wailing
agoGreat 8:04 AM Sunday, September 26,
2006 and was allotted, mad as I
am, Monday, September 17,
2006 via tropical island dot

K. S.

26 September 2006

   Not Xena But Eris

A: battle of the lips
are leaving for her
books on an
orient shower   Of spice and I tried composing >
the world of lengthier shades along the
goldhides in from
its immense
face cannot find the computer lab at heart
I cry for
every predator in a bat looking for all my
corner Smith Medie
val Cats.
Tornado Ove
r LeCandle in #Garland in the
spousal deep&>
nbsp Murmurs
his limits as the youth
throughout autopsy all twinkling
history silkworm affadavit · patchouli avowal without
utmost · portal into ogham
mists &#adorn · pools · forlorn Angkor swimming rat ·
again ago
syzygy · sunlight usurp ...the
single highlight of other >
eminent film industry professionals attracts
much media attention.  All with flashing sword, but
your lips
are leaving for Adelle
Davis who all should seek Hold our
humble floor.Our island shore They sound
much media attention.  

K. S.

25 September 2006

   Counterfeit King

drives me crazy. And layer
and they shaped the archaeological level, contemporaries. , quoted in:
the peculiar bitters of memory like never die. comfortably
in World of affadavit &#lurch had
pink had a Tour
xxii. Mother of the
true giants in Pe
escape screen.

K. S.

23 September 2006

"...more and more artists are now insisting that their singles come out on this old fashioned format..."

K. S.

22 September 2006

   Alternative Questioning Technique

propriety of the war,
II, Mauldin, The
Day; And morrows; A bat,
crystal bat inside it. is all
night Hearing such music
at 7:03 AM rican Lite
rature pp . posted
by line, and its
bliss. How much too sad
wanderers from the hand has
ceased from
established hill.

K. S.

21 September 2006

   The Part in the Movie Where the Music Gets Soft

baleful battle-axe shrieks hypocritically,
inmate ruminates
gently, grumbling, dreaming shrill
traveled condescension smotes hysterically,
cockeyed images pluck
stout body overflows unholily,
THE consequences of the Moon Is
broken language nags dimly,
more than steals among
ignominious degeneration sucks sleeplessly,
warm cinders, and thus can't
sharp rider looks hypocritically,
any adequate synonyms for
vestigal vowel capitulates impersonally,
them , is that there aren't any
plastic dream overflows bleakly,
adequate synonyms for
concrete feces capitulates hypocritically,
lack of
concrete entry overflows awfully,
race music,
drunken entry craves terribly,
and wore white robes, it would
plastic sack sighs suggestively,
be too close to trashheap they smash their
tribal party usurps caressingly,
shining teeth the enlightened
tribal degeneration boils sleeplessly,
the Stripes see what it played for
deliberate body defers sleeplessly,
irony? is that the city where the trucks never stop
unloading a
perfect summer falls thinly,
crazy congregation stumbles from trash mound to join
perfect feces sucks hysterically,
He shaved his head and someone
dark laundromat nourishes sleeplessly,
in its course accordingly from those reimagined
beginnings, to trashheap they smash
their own role
in office the one of what
he shaved his head
and is no
longer even the solved via
purification: a good
point for they tear to bits the
only thing they
do. Yet they must keep fitful vigil.
Here, the Nacreous Moon. And me, and
wore white coat whose control the
valley has not
curb stand twistboards up digital fracas chimp
in the
a:staggering, hypocritical misreading both of what it goes through
you aware that he has not only
thing they continue
as if

K. S.

20 September 2006

"I have at times referred to such work as highly prosodized darkly connotative textual units."

K. S.

19 September 2006

"I was also informed at the eleventh hour that the word irony is not in the Times style manual, and thus can’t appear in its pages unless referring to classical Greek theater or Aristotle. Are you aware that there aren’t any adequate synonyms for irony? I lost a good point for lack of a synonym."

K. S.

18 September 2006

Moon. And aftershock. How the mystery travels
isn't important. Anyway, it goes
through you and me, and walls, in keen disguise;
our bodies barely privy to its revels.
Moon. Is that a name? And when it wanders
so do our frenzies wander, Darfur camp
where last we met, and said the one escape
for either of us might entail doc shredders.
You rise, the Moon between us. Lights a trail
all clowns dissolve upon, for they must keep
fitful vigil. Here, the dying sing
as twilight more than steals among warm cinders,
and someone in a white coat whose control
the valley has not seen, betrays the Moon.

Ernst A. Kipling

K. S.

17 September 2006

"The difference is that the Stripes see the pop miscegenation as the problem, to the solved via purification: a staggering, hypocritical misreading both of musical history and their own role in it. Christina Aguilera is more interested in looking back through the miscegenation to choose her parents from a rattle-bag of race music, and then let the process of pop impurity run its course accordingly from those reimagined beginnings, to see what it can do."

K. S.

15 September 2006


at the edge of the city in
the garbagedump where the
trucks never stop unloading
a crazy congregation stumbles
from trashmound to trashheap
they smash their fists down on
whatever's intact they tear
to bits the pitifew items
that have remained whole they
rip everything old clothes
papers cans bones to nothing
with their shining teeth
the enlightened the faithful
every couple yards one of them
falls and is torn to shreds by
the others at the edge of
the city where there's a line
waiting to join"

--Bill Knott

"He has said in interviews, only half-jokingly, that he dresses in black because if he shaved his head and wore white robes, it would be too close to what he sings about."

As perfect a statement of what Umbrism is all about, as anyone could ask for!

K. S.

14 September 2006

Imagine a people who found all ageing beautiful.

Adjust your area's future coastline.

K. S.

13 September 2006

The trouble with choosing leaders based on how well they play The Game (or have it played for them), is that once in office the Game is no longer even the largest part of what they do or the consequences of what they do. Yet they continue as if the Game were still everything. Because it's the only thing they know how to do that's not pretence. Not only have we made ourselves ignorant, we have handed over our fates to people still more ignorant.

Another penetrating diagnosis! That'll show 'em.

K. S.

12 September 2006

Isn't reviewing just like earnestly reading the face of an inaminate thing, to find out its thoughts? We look at everything as if it had a face--except each other. We look at each other as if we had no faces.

K. S.

10 September 2006

"Was this the Inspiration for Gilligan’s Island?"

K. S.

09 September 2006

"I do believe the next era of poetry will not come from further innovations of form, but from an evolution of the sensibility on lived experience."

K. S.

08 September 2006

Nihilism isn't all it's cracked up to be.

K. s.

07 September 2006

   Don Jihadi

a {choral version of
This no idea what will occur
the Healing Begin Wry
we do we
espionage I adorn snap rye dragon
do for me another kind of
woe Dinnerware go soapy Or disparage now yen Weapons grade
monotony. But wanting aid, i
am Monday,
In his
irony. Someone else
friend beside him Attending a monk
y Were marrow turmoil zarf Munthuch
zarfbright bars Sogdian script
likes my little
aurochs myrrhmurmuring
sandalwood zarftoad dirham Carrion crow,
calx, dirham.
} nickname. K.

K. S.

06 September 2006

" Imagine California, un-fucked-up.."

Traffic's OK if you cycle it.

K. S.

05 September 2006

A choral version of "Something in the Air Tonight."
May replace Carmina Burana" as film preview sound-track of choice.

K. S.

04 September 2006

Seventy-Two Letters.
Division by Zero.

(via Meta filter)

K. S.

03 September 2006

   After Pluto

Aforesaid pad sly lad
Paralyses a dildo fad.

K. S.

02 September 2006

God doesn't hate smokers, I said. He just loves Cancer more.

K. S.

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