The Nacreous Oughts

27 April 2007


a bad poem
like a chess game badly played

the hour has teeth
but no eyes

one-legged dancer's triumph

K. S.

26 April 2007

"In all likelihood, however, the planet migrated from beyond the snowline in Gl 581’s protostellar disk. It likely contains at least an Earth’s mass worth of water, and the view from space would show the upper layers of a deep and stormy atmosphere." (In other words, it's covered by a planet-wide ocean 600 miles deep.)

   Arbeit Macht Amber Frey

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#a:walletand shake hands.
To set bread upon
head,is what I
Murphy. Artlang in the dead,IgnatowK.
Posted by: /Sheila

K. S.

24 April 2007

   Restart Later

As the dial hand tells o’er
The same hours it had before,
Still beginning in the ending,
Circular account still lending,
Now hold on right there mister.
It was a boating accident.

So, most mighty Queen we pray,
Like the dial day by day
And this is what I catch you do!
You may lead the seasons on,
Making new when old are gone,
Now why don’t we go to the bedroom and do it doggy style,
just the way you like it, honey-poo.

That the babe which now is young
And hath yet no use of tongue
He thing war ordered grand
Many a Shrovetide here may bow
Out and bought his cards
To that empress I do now,

Outcrop dials put indentity comfortably
That the children of these lords,
Sitting at your council boards,
Hallways, and the Red Cross Club.
May be grave and aged seen
Of her that was their father’s queen,
Skull crush with a sparkling rock

Once I wish this wish again,
Is to ignore the dead,
Superfluous maska superfluous maska mask of
Heaven subscribe it with Amen.
I wonder why its so sunny out!
Today is one fruity day!

K. S.


Coolitude, technival, and neoism.

   Death in the Green Zone

A handful of Country some of buildings? Is
Dan Rather,
followed by
I 146;
s motorcade arrives at an
assignment or critiqued work. The distance,
are talking about or critiqued
work. The idea that this have
been watching the massacre at me. he never
wrote anything
in disbelief. At Cassell Coliseum,
Everywhere blocking the Cellar yet!&#
148; Everyone in our
hallways, and the Red Cross Club.

K. S.

20 April 2007

   Egyptian Eclipse

our Darwinian smorgasbord scrolls
insanely sustainable bad anodyne
apogee Algol
skull crush with a sparkling rock
work through this
school of hours abort
X sixth minus sixteen X cubed plus sixtyfour
by scrofulous Uuchahon

K. S.

17 April 2007

Stereolab does Brakhage.


   Rescue the Dead

Finally, to forgo love is to kiss a leaf,
is to let rain fall nakedly upon your head,
is to respect fire,
is to study man's eyes and his gestures
as he talks,
is to set bread upon the table
and a knife discreetly by,
is to pass through crowds
like a crowd of oneself.
Not to love is to live.

To love is to be led away
into a forest where the secret grave
is dug, singing, praising darkness
under the trees.
To live is to sign your name,
is to ignore the dead,
is to carry a wallet
and shake hands.

To love is to be a fish.
My boat wallows in the sea.
You who are free,
rescue the dead.

--David Ignatow

K. S.


12 April 2007

"Security researchers have uncovered e-commerce sites that sell malicious software to criminals. The sites have shopping carts, deliver analytics, and generally behave like an Amazone for malware."

K. S.

10 April 2007

"Lear sees the avoidance of despair as the indispensable condition in which a community can respond creatively to the plight of culture death." (via wood_s lot)

Interview with Javant Biarujia by Sheila E. Murphy.

"Artlang" in Wikipedia.

K. S.

09 April 2007

   Akashic 8-Track

a:snake——they stare
each other,
always, >
even when
asleep I carry it grows.
Is uselessthat has
no shadowy frith for
five yearsAmethyst =
Jyestha pertaining to die
of? excessa
mask of Lojban PDF

38 pm ALMUCANTAR 66.mukataba war
no purposeunless
of course, is abode of combining opposites
having boiled over a third maska
superfluous maska superfluous maska mask of
excessa mask
that is uselessthat
has no purposeunless of terror and final face

the appropriate oneto be
placed on
both your first and failure to Ken

K. S.

05 April 2007

Durkin tournament.

Morpho Towers. (Shades of A. A. Merritt!)

Dong Resin-recommended (mostly music) blog.

04 April 2007

"My heart is abode of terror and a snake——they stare at each other, always, even when asleep I carry it around, I harbour it like embryo in womb——it grows. Is it the spiritual cancer that I am to die of?"

"There's nothing like reading Kafka in the original Spanish."

K. S.

03 April 2007


lay the tragic mask
atop the comic mask

snip out the parts
where they don't match

then take this overlap
make a third mask

a superfluous mask
a mask of excess

a mask that is useless
that has no purpose

unless of course it is
the appropriate one

to be placed on both
your first and final face"

--Bill Knott

K. S.

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