The Nacreous Oughts

28 June 2007

Maria Lectrix podcasts segments of books she is currently reading--good choices! (I note that this book also exists in a Lulu edition.)

"...Romancero, a book that was floated on an enormous publicity campaign and sold 15,000 copies in four printings when it was released in 1851, with the first illustrated book jacket in publishing history..."

K. S.

25 June 2007

(via hellokittyhell dot com)

The Blaver Style Bible.

"Without aggressive promotion by the author, sales will be slow or nonexistent and the major chains will remove your book from the shelf in two to seven days. When that happens, your book has essentially reached the end of its life. So, you spent at least a year writing your book, maybe another year finding a publisher and one to two years for the publisher to have a finished product. All the efforts you put into seeing your book in print, a minimum of four years of your life, can go down the tubes in less than a week."

"Known as ‘bushtucker’, the culinary traditions of the Aborigines are gaining popularity in the cities: ants, spiders, goannas, locusts, snakes, emus, kangaroos, crocodiles and yabbies are beginning to turn up on the menus of the most exclusive restaurants."

The Wicket that Exploded

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K. S.

20 June 2007


All prisons were quiet where I walked,
yet my way was limited
as buried in my tread I made rounds
that threw up barricade.
Rivers can flow with no sense of advance,
no anticipation of arc, but I must know
what my steps seek, thrust
thumbs into my belt for navigation
or find an emptiness between
the possible routes, a stay
to steer me through the faceless confetti
my mouth scatters in front.

Like kisses clocked by scars
my days were overt in their intent
to pass these words
through unison to you.
And even though the disguises by which
you have not known me
still wield flagell-eyelids
that haunt me with rainbow seepage
I have yet to mourn for signs
that I am here, and I refuse to mime
the verities that crest your view
in dread of drops.

Does my anonymous know me
or am I alone here in the night
where I guide myself down
via kite-strings."

--Bill Knott

K. S.

19 June 2007

The Battle of Hernani.

Groovy map of "failed states."

" 'Crooked head' is the tribe’s term for any language that is not Pirahã, and it is a clear pejorative." More.

K. S.

18 June 2007

The Tomorrow that Never Was. (via bOING bOING)

K. S.

12 June 2007

(by J.-P. Witkin)

   Fire in the Shillelagh

Troubling and squandered hours
found here · shahid
ellipses... Armstrong's footprints
crumble under the solar wind.

The pigeon stands its ground.
My tires barely crunch.

Lanes next narrow three to one
with only a confused
faded turquoise,
writing and steering badly.

K. S.

07 June 2007

   The Beast of Omaha

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while the
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MAD, mutual assured
back and held them
as the captives were stopped, earlier and dress
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such a wave

force if Hitler in : and
cannot be done at certain
that it is holding Berlin, Paris or Sunni
Hamas . For as repeatedly and thereby
having demonstrated that appeasement
had nuclear program.

K. S.

04 June 2007

chrysanthemum unfolding

chain of cataracts
no outside · to it


"I always thought of the series as intrinsically dark, with the seedy world of underground circuit racing, a grotesquely disfigured and often homicidal older brother, the incestuous relationship between Trixie and Speed, a father deeply mired in the Afghani opium trade, and the unspeakably sordid love affair between chimp and child."

K. S.

01 June 2007

Tantalum genocide is old news.

This one creeped me out.

K. S.

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