The Nacreous Oughts

30 August 2004


23 August 2004

What the Hades...


Viceroy, your suicide doors bring
cloudy dread to the pilgrim mirror.
A furry taco swerves the choir
wisteria-ward. Grooves of green icing
lead, pitch, harangue Iwo Jima
into viceroy where viceroy is jade
and where it is not.

K. S.

20 August 2004

"Snail Cellulite"

I my have limbs journeyed are over
in a flourishing long condition road.
Gulag at Quarry Chase signature style--
It's a must-see!
"Sex in the City" bowdlerised for sea urchins
innocent of bejewelled alchemy.

The lucid Najaf is a cell
in the crystalline wall of electrum

K. S.

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