The Nacreous Oughts

31 July 2007

Defective Deathly Hallowses.

A Cultural History of Halloween.

Best Online Unrags.

Avatars unmasked.

   I Am Ward Churchill

when the trees
thought they were people
gray sky at dawn

following last week's plunge
barely decipherable ransom note

the fallen purple flowers
trodden into the sidewalk with darker stains

K. S.

17 July 2007

"The Third World has entered an era of energy destitution and it is manifesting in symptoms such as local resource wars, genocides, falling life expectancies, and in many places a near-total unraveling of the sociopolitical order."

How to make tire sandals. (Couldn't find anything on "how to put bigger wheels on a shopping cart".)

That equation again. (a.k.a. "Euler's Identity".)

"...readers would never guess that much of it was composed on scraps of paper while the poet was standing in line at the grocery store..."

K. S.

05 July 2007

Three Things You Can Do. Life After the Oil Crash.


Tangy Bonanza.

K. S.

03 July 2007

    "The Schreckhorn

(With thoughts of Leslie Stephen)

(June 1897)

Aloof, as if a thing of mood and whim;
Now that its spare and desolate figure gleams
Upon my nearing vision, less it seems
A looming Alp-height than a guise of him
Who scaled its horn with ventured life and limb,
Drawn on by vague imaginings, maybe,
Of semblance to his personality
In its quaint glooms, keen lights, and rugged trim.

At his last change, when Life's dull coils unwind,
Will he, in old love, hitherward escape,
And the eternal essence of his mind
Enter this silent adamantine shape,
And his low voicing haunt its slipping shows
When dawn that calls the climber dyes them rose?"

--Thomas Hardy (via)

"skusmusnu ju xu tu'urcurnu

To give a flavor of the Lojban, a literal gloss is 'speaker-meaning-discusser whether-or-not? tubeworm'.

More loosely, 'Do even tubeworms talk about meanings?'

K. S.

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