The Nacreous Oughts

23 December 2006

A film leitmotiv of "camel toe,"
and mixed nuts (sparing of "niggertoe");
   my doom wishywashy
   plays human buzkashi
with Azathoth under the mistletoe.

K. S.

20 December 2006

Been having way too much fun to blog.
More later.

K. S.

15 December 2006

The store decides to stop carrying your medicine.

K. S.

14 December 2006

In the labyrinth of recombinant pop culture, only the radically paradoxical resists deliquescence.

K. S.

10 December 2006

The mistake people make in looking for the Antichrist, is assuming there can only be one.

K. S.

09 December 2006

Being intelligent is like being the only person with a sense of smell, in a slaughterhouse.

K. S.

08 December 2006

Mysteries of El español. Why is the word mano feminine? Because you can make love to it. Why is the word día masculine? Because the sun never asks for directions.

Just so you'd know.

K. S.

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