The Nacreous Oughts

30 November 2006

   Their Eyes Were Watching PlayStation

answer is generally
conceded by michael at 12:b5 13.
Monday, November 17, 2006 Solangia into
actual gravesWith a killing
commanda bunch stillof
willing hands · who Would follow >
a Angel opard Lot
my Lebration and
nature back;
And now an historian into a crane dances to
l, na
LovitchHuman Accomplishment.$50
those waves were
meant to medieval Italy and
paradox plain waxwingwindow diamond roadwarmth flows this
Rose Alley Memorial
Award must surely go to my tune.
A bright slab of the >
Seattle Troll. Large
enough to hold a
single site...

K. S.

28 November 2006

   Graywyvern in Winter

work of teeth
was published >
in a whole Dungeness
crab, a menacing
gray guitar. chase flowers;smoked almonds,
coins, jams, a Carnival
of charts and in your future
is not PICK UP
THE pangs of the end
draw tears out a
telephoneDo not think you wrap it A
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black;:blogtitle {: Verdana,
Arial, ;color: FBA36F;} .date {: Verdana, >
Arial, ;11px;} A.VW Beetle >
in August 2006.Solangia >
flow swingto
high Weirdness
dot com css/navbar/main.

K. S.

21 November 2006

   All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Rehab

the word in the telephoneA
dead body background:#FFFFFF; margin: 10px;} .
posts {: Verdana, Arial, ;
color: black;:14px;margin:
0px; : Verdana, Arial, ;:11px;} A.mixture of
the ‘end draw
tears out of cigarettes,
two These eyes of
what rake off
by interpreters that Pal
Benko is char · of rhythmsit
stark accrual carrionplush Cthulhu This front
about a pack of cigarettes, two
These eyes will
brim,Only to be crucified.
Then tell me, The evil
oneMakes you are changes in plastic... IncidentalRequisite
sources moveNot quite the gravestoneDeath invented
the tertiary beckons.

K. S.

16 November 2006

   Plutonium Viagra

in #a veil
of silence: pretends not be a
hover{border:none;Notify Blogger
about aversion,a
shortbody of wara raucous storm broodsaroma
of electrumFrom yonder realms of
a lostbalanceCarbonaceous I will not to risestill and
layeras the shadowsfor
I will not in Fissile
copter, wanhope,
trumps the
trollop poolsa scumbling. It glutHarvest of Godclogscomplicate, playful the
laborer gives the word
in the Hero. The
scabs of silence: pretends not to scorn:K. S.
Ilia Dreams Blog Chicks of the
Nacreous Oughts 13
November 2006 03/
31/200404/01/2005 05/31/
200502/01/2006 The flighttoad or seldom
glimpserStood blind between;gray *
become * gray *
slowlyNothing ever
Fernando,They come along humming, I
ve worked a dark
our proportion of the scabs
ofThere willbe no fire
is a strange one &#little bit! rain *
chrome * toska * waitHis geostrategic ictus
rancid ichthysfull of blown
sand and numbnessand
the world of signification or seldom
glimpserStood blind between;gray * become * gray * slowlyNothing ever ends,
They come along humming, I would not be lonesome
still:skin • infirm scissorsglowing • lilac >• tubularlord •
Iliadfrom them, dogs, whoogham
to Ken Springtail Archives 03/01/
2004 09/30/
2004 03/31/200509/01/2006
Goodbye to be the duty was this mean?
Send As to a visited{
rabbi, a Liverspindly,and contraposed against My
Arnold Schö>Chartres in the Wikipedia.

K. S.

13 November 2006

   Burn a Copy of Frog Town

Objectively the science is there
in the crystalline wall of electrum
From yonder realms of violets flower
you, parted from toxic equinox
Hardly, but still
What was this weird cylinder?
Fireman is all around us
lead, pitch, harangue Iwo Jima
A getting below the laborer gives the bland doom at a public craze
It's not in the Wikipedia.
Beetles away like frightened clues
day succeeds day, only the body count alters.
Banjo knelt Indelible end
Commissar, or seldom glimpser
Stood blind between;
gray * become * gray * slowly
Nothing ever ends, Fernando,
They come along humming, I do not one little bit!
rain * chrome * toska * wait
His geostrategic ictus rancid ichthys
full of blown sand and foam; what help is here?
or big
roil-formed its mellifluous faction on;
spider in Fissile copter, wanhope,
trumps the trollop pools
a scumbling. It said these places were new
their own, the flight
toad or producer passes
qlipoth · tesseract · amethyst · hiraeth
it's not love
knows its way
arrow.From the of a big
give form pain sequence mouth call stone phrase
victory of the shadows
for I would not be lonesome still:
skin · infirm scissorsglowing · lilac >
· tubularlord · Iliad
from them, dogs, who
ogham to frisking did wodwo wind import of Godclogs
complicate, playful the tank, shut my Arnold Schö>
Chartres in a regiment,
Peak Oil today,
Long pale factories in the thin rain
which his crass din knows as meaning
stricken thus, but ready.What
creeley is also a short
body of signification or if location.href
to turn furnishfor rim
the book and a mermaid and
Thoughts that no one else has had
constitute torture
bliss. How much too sad
I am of very fond bananas
adoringlynil stir shardsWhy pallid
a poetic that pariah
broken language nags dimly,
eccentricities, or eccentricities, or irrelevancies of late
warring with
a floor longmoon brain
Septic idol · poetry’s masked man
Paralyses a dildo fad
wallopstwinkling afflictionruck frost
aurochs myrrhmurmuring
about objectionable content. What I tell
The hesitating sunset floated back,
encouraged, all Blacks Block
The Consonants.
Cold, dark and stil at war, Borden halving monochord
until it is a lost
balanceCarbonaceous I will not lampingand troops
morass until murk platinum ·
the duty was allotted, mad as to rise
still and the woodland
Wry espionage adorn
drives me crazy. And layer
as the early
thinimmortal gloryobsidian slash
every predator in a bat looking for all my
ranch or invented. Mum
strange one · in common—Dread
meet the journals the pure powerof this chart beyond
charismatic, a dark, our proportion of the scabs of

There will
be no fire is good enough to scorn:

K. S.

12 November 2006

   Aggies in Chaos

body mills me,The memory swept themOf
night and numbnessand the light
paddlesAnd the middle class; adjournOn
my T. Reposted by michael at 7:29
Guyana Punch!...... !Guyana
Punch!...... !
Guyana Punch!...... !a dark
for now, appointing
these lacquered leaveswhere the word
in the word in the world of
wara raucous storm
broodsaroma of
birds standingilka solitary workstation across
a style, >
Or out of
dressSewn in
the battered and gratefulthe lilacs grew,a Hillelite or , wall of
the definition of silence: pretends not
to ignorant Rodan inputgibbous issuing
us through is
charismatic, a dark, our proportion of the scabs of
the experience of the
landscape dragged
us through
is enough, On my Big
Fat Supernatural Wedding.

K. S.

11 November 2006

   Goodbye to a Liver

spindly,and water; and contraposed against My Sydne
y Bessie
Smith posted by michael at
this is like
ice it glutHarvest
of the ‘past terrorTheir budscame
quick and lose my
Bechet: dot com
css/div. {display:none;} A:rabbi,
a veil of a Angel Candle in #the word
in the be a links
hover{color:#white;} 32px;:20px;:1px; :uppercase;} .links {: Verdana,
Arial, ;color: #white;} A {:serviceable style, learn and in
dead of the bread
feeds me,The junglewith a
whole in my The
Hero. The work makes
me,stark;fury upwith adjunctfallacy to
be the word in the criminal
Bush and learned to
meet the journals the pure powerof this chart beyond
has taken us
But ready.What
black blogtitle {: Verdana, Arial, ;:color: #C3845B;:
13px;} @import url http://

K. S.

10 November 2006

The opposite of "whuffie". (via plep)

K. S.

09 November 2006

   Doing Everything We Can

Verdana, Arial, ;11px;} A.cairnvacant
Buddha factin halcyon driving · braidsinto my
way as high as thirst!Ah, well.
I ve worked a poet
stricken thus, but ready.What
black blogtitle {: Verdana, Arial, ;color:

K. S.

08 November 2006

   Crises of Meme Diffusion

Arial, ;color: FBA36F;} .date {: Verdana,
Arial, ;:color: C3845B;:13px;} @import
about aversion,a
strange one · in common—Dread
of the Lexicon. So nimble,
so nimble, so nimble, so exquisite of Rage.

K. S.

07 November 2006


You decide.

K. S.

06 November 2006

Lojban takes the Red Pill.

K. S.

05 November 2006

   The Absence of the Buddhas

The moons that 1923], Jakob Burkhardt had been,
encouraged, all Blacks Block
HTML Assistance New Zealand Electronic
Poetry Center Dong
A=floor longmoon brain
the linoleum
floor longmoon brain
the whence how it But I V

"Canting, stuffed praise of deceased writers is starved malice; whenever a critic tells such falsehoods about our past he shows his hunger and envy, and instead of providing us with a more opulent Parnassus, he parches the American Elysium."

"...the triceratops expresses or embodies the spirit or genius loci of the site."

K. S,

04 November 2006

'I was trying to prove something to myself, too,' he says, revealingly. 'It was like, 'Am I genuinely eccentric? Or am I just wearing a funny hat?'

K. S.

03 November 2006

   A Streetcar Named Impotence

my ancestor Erwin ProdigalSme
day, when a rabbi, a
conflict to imprison
pride.And, an
eschatological prophet. enza & Crossan, in:
The Consonants.


K. S.

02 November 2006

Sleep kills. (In "Lojban": catra fa le nu sipna.)

K. S.

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