The Nacreous Oughts

26 June 2012

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I have written about the nearby exoplanets & how they might be named; an astronomer recently tried his hand at much the same thing, so a comparison might be in order. (Only some of the more significant ones will be considered here.)

Epsilon Eridani b. Sofonisba. Styx.
Gliese 674 b. Carnifex. Stymphalus.
Gliese 876 b, c, d. Yemaya, Lir, Khnum. Dardanus, Tros, Ilus.
Gliese 832 b. Thoth. Gerania.
Gliese 581 e, b, c, d. Cynosure, Avatar, Metaluna, Usk. Eunomia, Themis, Eirene, Dike.
Gliese 667C b. Vinegaroon. Merope.
Fomalhaut b. Cthugha. Ilion.
Gliese 849 b. Nodens. Capys.
Gliese 317 b. Medea. Hymenaios.
Pollux b. Polydeuces. Remus.
55 Cancri e, b, c, f, d. Balkis, Omoultalis, Zulkais, Danzig, Arbogast. Euippe, Anthelea, Teleia, Stygne, Argive.
HD69830 b, c, d. Nahum, Phryne, Palinurus. Lachesis, Atropos, Clotho.
Upsilon Andromedae b, c, d. Aminth, Colalp, Laran (St Barnabas). Heleus, Mestor, Cynurus.
Gamma Cephei b. Marduk. Dannaus.
47 Ursae Majoris b, c. Goldflake, Innocence. Clio, Euterpe. (Note that Alan Steele (Coyote) calls these Bear and Wolf.)
Mu Arae c, d, b, e. Uruk, Kish, Charchemish, Dilbat. Peucetis, Caucon, Nyctimus, Cynaethus.
51 Pegasi b. Bellerophon. Lyra concurs.
70 Virginis b. Thecla. Cora.

It seems that Mr Lyra neglects, inexplicably, the triple-planet system 61 Virginis, Gliese 370, the third planet of 47 Ursae Majoris, the second planet of Melbourne 4 C, as well as the fascinatingly anomalous nu Octantis system.

And 2M1207b (Canaan) he calls Lerna.
PS Another proposal.


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