The Nacreous Oughts

31 January 2006

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26 January 2006

   What Happens To Burried Wood

There will be no stars for us, now,
or for those coming after.
Terminal misgang.
To say so insulator vespers dread.

There will be no stars
yet something may anyway come.
My addicton is worse than yours.
It's not in the Wikipedia.

Wearilessly ought locomotory slumward
I can also conjecture.
Handbook of Self-Annihilation.
This morning it was very early.

K. S.

25 January 2006

Zynemorg. Xul-Solar.

K. S.

24 January 2006

Kaffeehaus. My favorite haunt.

(via orewa-beach dot co dot nz)

"Wrote a brilliant blog post disquisition just now re snideness. Then realized I can't post on snideness as it's inherently negative energy."

K. S.

23 January 2006

Dengue Fever--the band.

K. S.

20 January 2006

Bernstein blog.


Now my horoscope is all messed up!

He's smart, funny--and a practicing polyandrist.

The calliope crushed to the ground.

Ever seen a novel in sestinas?

Your sloan type is RCOEI
Your primary type is Inquisitive

You are reserved, calm, organized, moderately egocentric, and intellectual, and may prefer a city which matches those traits.

The largest representation of your personality type can be found in the these U.S. cities: Salt Lake City, Washington DC, Austin, Denver, Portland/Salem, Reno, Greensboro, Tucson, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Raleigh/Durham, Greenville/Spartanburg and these international countries/regions Czech Republic, Croatia, Russia, China, Romania, Brazil, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, Taiwan, France, Caribbean, Guam, Mexico
The City of the Saints? Man, I am in the wop wops!

K. S.

19 January 2006

Is this Lovecraftian or what? "Siding and shingles have peeled off the barns. The sills are rotting and the ridgeboards sag. The tractor sheds are too far gone to keep tractors in, so the machines sit out in the rain now. The older houses -- many of them dating from the Greek Revival of the 1850s -- are subject to indignities beyond simple neglect. Many are partially cocooned in plastic, because fixing the wooden parts was too expensive, or just too difficult for people whose skills are now limited to operating cars, televisions, and forklifts. The yards are littered with plastic debris..."

K. S.

18 January 2006

   Diary of Impossible Object

Ersatz guile be never after the ebb
delved. Ameliorate. Mean language has
roil-formed its mellifluous faction on;
obdurate this idea is, & only.

Let through.
So droll a word if cunning valid.
Could no more beauty follow
caterwaul my amalgam too
I represent with rats obtuse solution
   see the soon which was
and by languish reach fusillade.

K. S.

"In no county is the gap between the quality of the educated elite and the quality of the political class as great as it is in Turkey. For decades, each of Turkey's political parties has been run by a single individual, sometimes with a tiny coterie of coconspirators. These few figures choose candidates for public office by using a single criterion: blind obedience." --Stephen Kinzer, Crescent and Star (2001) --Poetry??

Kasbah Agafay. Kasbah du Toubkal.

   "The Death of the Twelve Commandments

I shoot them who would have shot, no question.
Through tangled city mists I come to suffer
more than the fronting waves, and gamble a fortune
on a hell full of reasons to mind my troubles.

This is a case of crystal robots who sleep
high up tortuous cliffs. This churned end
a fanfare for the New Jurassic shocks;
an encyclopedia of knives in consummation.

The moon has just risen on our mischief's sleep
and she and I with other emperors run:
the viol, the violet and the vole come

(O Miracle at Philadelphia!)--coil
of meringue-outangs with nerf bazooka respect--
and fall in created addictions. It's a life."

--Al Carbon, Ontology of the Rose (1972)

K. S.


(by Pieter Cornelis Dommersen, via bedfordgallery dot org)

"O Raven days, dark Raven days of sorrow,
Bring to us in your whetted ivory beaks
Some sign out of the far land of To-morrow,
Some strip of sea-green dawn, some orange streaks."

--Sidney Lanier

K. S.

Jim and Dave Defeat The Masked Man.

"...nobody but an artist knows that two eyes are little enough to see with." --Robert W. Chambers, The Maker of Moons (1896)

Darkest Bowmore.

K. S.

   More Than a Wheelie

Slouching toward Leapster Twizzle
I, Munchkinator. Bearing smartridges of
Sprout hop satori on the no escape fire escape

I might have rid myself of the spiffy
dungeons there had the moon, blogerature, narrated--
you, parted from toxic equinox
one of a tweetle beetles battle.

K S.

16 January 2006

Another from Meesh:

   "Undoing Is My Alembic

Will a counterfeit solitary next buzz
my crumble its rabbit carved nest builds

As banging light be rid cycle teeth
and you the too room wolf

Not this hard to in body wreckage end
its fast pomp all multiple I intend

The bothers am intact exactly make me wracked
again not apart in the rid season back

To my will world fingertips of panic flood
as volted cells am where go mild

Like you that and am intent I sweat
to cold as would be bee wire let

A mason of grass I from moon rabbit left
in not manner its various and a daft

Of ever soothe bones a have of go
the not me me as you stick to the follow

I will and the I rid neck pinching
of took you go as spring

Things flea me and the from me will
not you of the all"

K. S.

   1. The Birth of the Tools

caterwaul through arid ebb
is ersatz base
make my sand endeavor
to veil
scholar trod book so soon

you and every slather

2. Dance of the Red Tree

obsequiously we
always filling they like up
ennui space then festoon

after and fusillade
I only understand
from this deft munificent sound
I question the opaque

3. Naked Before, Naked After

be when than in almost nefarious
the acme of repose

4. Flood of the Night Belly

tinge vicissitude
which his crass din knows as meaning

but never outer guile
& see with if usurp

have zeal

5. Incantation Is No Protection

word or would
it delightfully
roil no lair

let an in follow

6. Weapons Cannot Cleave It

is limpid to my mind
a system of sedulous acumen
must lapse with pithy gall
at pariah missive
here like gilded obscure
and languish idea
you find
domicile too

7. I Am Against All Enemies Of Change

sanguine more
for my droll spurn
as who abscond a was
society reaches
& will through curious cunning

8. Artifacts Belong To Mother

some amalgam
do expatiate
mellifluous why

can form me
upon wry am

did hence represent
has a rue about

9. Bang The Conundrum

trenchant character observation
how our beauty are Kafkaesque
could ask fecundity

above impecunious feel
obdurately paragon

man woman language time
taut pedagogue secreted


10. Isn't Nothing Louder Than My Hammer

boor tantamount user banal temerity
expunge by turgid give
an clever solution
one were saying that

vapidest salient
at self faction eschew
come miscreant thought
ameliorated profligate


K. S.

15 January 2006

Auguries of Innocence.

Number Six.

An incendiary tract.

A painting of Meridian Studios we visited in Santa Barbara. Some history.

About Knapp of Knapp's Castle. More.

K. S.

14 January 2006

And Camille Meesh submits the following:

   "A Constructing

Amber organs can or can't alone for · fallen on have moldering Rome from
Let’s someone of this stick soul species path · rosaries egg longevity from

All Easter armholes join as gold pincered · music the private marrow teeth fertile
And worship whatever with warm apparatus · new the coffle greased crust home from

A serious scalp pinch shuffle and gratitude · indwelling fossils are toenails nailed
The go another food inside the candle paint · months hat regrow unwanted to and from

Sip of gall they fatherly rolled · to brace your lunar revolt by the bottled caudle
In a coated fingers is comes the on encapsuled · number the siblings and the our unkind a protect of a rabbit and the us from"

K. S.

13 January 2006

So who is Elvis Phuong?

Knapp's Castle
(via davestravel dot com) --More.


  looks at
the Hay(na)ku Anthology

"Icke is now arguing in all seriousness that the Illuminati plot to take over the world is actually being carried out by a race of extraterrestrial reptiles in human form. They are described, literally, as being child-sacrificing, blood-drinking Satan-worshippers capable of changing their shape, whose ranks include George Bush, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mum, Bob Hope and Kris Kristofferson, among others.."

K. S.

From Cthulhu to Cloning.

Some Ray Caesar images.

Cthulhuoid Copulations.

Lovecraft in the Wall Street Journal.

Aztec Cthulhu.

In the fine Roman-Greco tradition...

K. S.

12 January 2006


I guess that green glowing rabbit was for real.

"E. and I would stop by his shop sometimes after the war, before he shut it down. We went in once and found that there was no electricity,and no generator. The shop was dimly lit with some sort of fuel lampand Alan was sitting behind the counter, sorting through CDs. He was ecstatic to see us. There was no way we could listen to music so he and E. sang through some of their favorite songs, stumbling upon the lyrics and making things up along the way. Then we started listening to various ring tones and swapping the latest jokes of the day. Before we knew it, two hours had slipped by and the world outside was forgotten, an occasional explosion bringing us back to reality.."

K. S.

06 January 2006

What is dark tourism?

K. S.

05 January 2006

"It is at moments like these that the idea of taking pleasure in the world, a childhood tenet, finds its death by poisoning. ."

K. S.

04 January 2006

Gray Wyvern sends this vocabularyclept riposte to J. H.:

“New Medium”


How the lie of
flourished between and down

I who mind
by speaking

I what was trapped I us
being us before

finger guided
by we ten parted you and you

ligature is surgeon waste


and your rush from noise
from privy intent

the furthest words conduct
and doll bleeding

from one of my lysis
are the hard to

vein and gash are wed
and the made thing

emerge my us
mumbling yours the sewn


bent at birth
I am spoken to in small matters

my finish will provide fingers
to something possible

what you discarded
in hours of mammal washings


K. S.

"The last hope for peace in Iraq was stomped to death this week."

K. S.

02 January 2006

Surgeon Speaking Lie

Surgeon Speaking Lie down. I am hand and ham. I do tricks with a clam or a tweetle beetles battle. How to conduct the moon, I bet. Ten hours of a shame! Oh dear! And when tweetle beetles battle. The furthest thing from one little car with the moon, doll-sewn. Oh dear! They come along humming, I do not one little bit! What a mouse is chewing! What a look! Made of vein, doll-sewn. How to sing with ten cats on a mouse. They smell like pickled limburger cheese? Bent to you, sir, funny things are everywhere. Oh dear! Just look! No! You never yet met a puddle, parted from one little car with paddles and finger to wink and mammal, sir, fluent in what flourished before guided by the light of Thing One fish!

K. S.

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