The Nacreous Oughts

29 January 2007

The pain of others, like a color they can't see.

K. S.

28 January 2007

Who needs artists?

"THE QUESTION of what would happen if poets and playwrights wrote works whose titles were anagrams of their names is one that has been insufficiently studied in the past."

K. S.

27 January 2007

- I think that the paint is dry., and Lutar held on hand belosnejno-belomu board the boat. - Yes. It was dry. A shut, we always dweebs. I would like you told me a little about yourself. But if you very much want to keep it, you can tell me something then. -And Lutar an arm chief to the zalezla the boat.

- Excellent. No, I think it will be no great irreparable if we talk, but ... there is one problemka ... I do not know how to talk about themselves. Perhaps you had better ask you as well? ... Thank you, girl legonko opershisi into the hands Lutar, moved in the boat. But the boat had changed nezvannah guests and heavily kacnulaci. Poluelfika who did not have time to establish themselves, began slowly but inexorably approaching the smooth surface of the water ...

Lutar, with horshuu reaction opersa go naked on the wharf and podhvotil devashku podruku with slovavi : "Op-pa, stand, not to be depressed." But suddenly Lutar himself lost his balance, and now they are coming together in the water. But Lutar managed to push her in a slightly otplformuyu boat. Sound Lutar feed in the water was very loud. Interestingly, as Lutar thought in the moment of that chief, falling in the boat could occur, or that the new boots may spoil. Truth knows no one. But it was one that he had not thought of boots.

Aryan resigned from their permanent reflection.
- Hello, Cor. I am priaino meet. Honest man is not just vejlivasi.
Aryan smiled.
- almost, I thought so in components that can then nastrapati - he looked at the fallen Luta. - The description of return. So as accurate. what to think?
Aryan adopted Mimu zadumchivogo philosopher.

, I too am pleased ... -replied girl employee and sincere smile. - And about the play ...Perhaps really worth should be based on a story or fiction Ligiona? Or is it simply a well-known myths? - Cornelia vjidatelno looked at the young man.

Aryan continued to portray zadumchivogo pisaku.
- Well, in general, you Khor, I fully agree. Translate myth of an on Ligion and show.
Aryan suddenly changed. It was fun and carefree. And govaril the vote.
- By the way, you set out actors. Nehotite poucaustvovati?

-a-eeeey, with the sounds of the girl fall into the water ...
-ayiji, c takimi- potirala ushiblenne seats, although it still was very grateful Lutu, for what was dry. ...And hit it hard....But Lutar.
- Sorry, only she could say it is the chief fault was that the Lut bultahaetsa now in the water, Yes, and its new boots ..."And always ... Nothing normally do not in a position, even in the boat go ..."

Cornelia smile to overcome, but head Jewry.
- You know, the actress is hardly get good ...I and vrati-to not explain how ... - drow sighed and thought for a second. - But to help in the selection and scrap myth, as well as in organization, the scenery, and possibly in regissure is always please. Fortunately, the experience at the small, but there. - girl smile embarrass them.

Vsplal Lutar to the surface with great difficulty carrier at the wharf and withdrew their heavy on the water long coat and threw him to the ground, Flaa imagine something under the nose.
- As I was not lucky. Even with a girl with a boat can normally drive. With me so.
Then Lutar quickly regained consciousness and asked the chief.
- Are you not ushiblaci? Sorry that I am so you in the boat threw. All so quickly happened.

Aryan stock.
- Let Theatre is not without talented regiser.
Duck smiled.
- Well, I would be happy to stay in podchenenie you.
Aryan smiled.
- And about the myths ... You know I have a new idea may "King yellow go?

No nation, that's okay! But what will you all wet will ?!...- chief to seek, as it would send a boat to the bank ...Fortunately, it was an independent woman, and found six short thinking sent a boat to the shore. The so slowly and reluctantly skolzila Water that the girl had napracsa. In any case, it brought pleasure ...

, I think that clothes will dry, and there is that there is no problem. Well, with kotaniem we did not succeed, so let us now restored to the "Green Lady" and my clothes drying on the way. As you this idea. Or do you want to just take a boat on the lake.

resulted, I think it is not worth more to experiment =) go in the tavern and then might still be here go ... I just Oooceny beautiful, as if in a fairy tale ...

Well, here in the restored "Green Lady", and then see.
And Lutar raised from the ground by his coat, otrahnul him and hung his hand.
- go. This is the time for us to the road - and Lut with Adina exited the gardens.

Cornelia something thought, remembering where heard the title.
- Oh, so you are on the Detetive Raymond Chandler? - Cornelia thought. - In principle, the thing to ask is not good, but I am afraid that too broad ... And then ... Time of the ... - zapnulaci girl, sending word. - It is not only in line with our ... You know what I?

Aryan slightly surprised.
- went. You on the Detetive? ?????.Rubbish. I piese-tragedii on "King yellow." The correct name reads as follows: "The King In Yellow: a Jacobean Noh Play by Graywyvern".
??? ??????? ???????.Dak little thought.
- Yes, it seems that way. Product quality. In the best tradition of tragedies.
Writer think again.
- DDB. There were noteworthy. Even brief vpechetlet it.
Aryan ulabulsa.

Cornelia nahmurilaci, trying to remember something.
- Hmm ... I am only familiar with the "King" ... In that case, could you tell me ... And it is to recite the story, if only briefly. - she felt more than in his plate, as it is not terribly fond not be aware of anything. And on the play referred to by the Aryan, it is never heard.

Aryan smiled.
- "Certainly this story. The old king dies. Young Prince ,10 headed kingdom. But suddenly a man in a mask (King yellow), and tells the Alaru not necessarily marry. If he promedlet the enemies decide that he slabak and attacked. But the vojnikae dilema of Alar are two favorite since childhood women. Quite different horaktiru and behaviour. King has yellow ,10 decides sorit of everyone. End is the main characters die.
Duck smiled.
- tragedy.

The tragedy? Aryan can better comedy? Elf-skrivilsa. - I do not love to the tragedy, they all die, I do not love death.
Almost tetyana90 head and continued :
- However, if you so wish, it can be and tragedy.
Elf slightly guilty smile.

Cornelia according nodded and smile.
- Your opinion ... Almost ... if I may ... - girl quickly, but to look at elfa and again appealed to all. - I think, and viewers will be more interested in something less serious ... At least to start. If it happens that such events will be popular, then it can be to try serious work. And now, I think we find something, first of all, not very lengthy, and, secondly, a simple and understandable to any viewer.

(via Babelfish)

K. S.

26 January 2007

Delete each day as it comes.

K. S.

25 January 2007

   Glitter of Meltwater

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Oh,data mint.

K. S.

24 January 2007

   The Night Swim

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K. S.

23 January 2007

   The Grinch Whisperer

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K. S.

19 January 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Graywyvern

1. He's been in love six times.

2. He's written poems in eleven languages.

3. He's been to Prague twice.

4. He's been in jail twice.

5. He told me but I forget what the fifth one.

Me, you know everything about me.

K. S.

18 January 2007


To cross-section a pinpoint,
reveal what quadrant
still exists. Oh
data mint. Tin ion,
meet iron quark.

Grasped at or loved—

It's a cease orifice.

--Bill Knott

K. S.

16 January 2007

Did you say, "I must learn more about these people," or did you say, "Now I will begin to hate them"--?

K. S.

14 January 2007

"Viewsome palinodist given reluct to synusiast with illuminant starts to GEOFF most."

K. S.

13 January 2007

"It is a digital extension of oral traditions more than a new form of writing." (via Junk for Code)

K. S.

12 January 2007

Stupidity alone would not have destroyed us; nor mere greed. But their combination has quite as irrevocably doomed us, as a people and as a civilization, as if we bit down on the barrel of a shotgun, and pulled both triggers.

K. S.

11 January 2007

If the civil rights movement has ceased to seem everyone's struggle, is it not still more astonishing that rewarding the already rich should have become so?

K. S.

10 January 2007

One fills a pastiche with genuine feeling, & for this feat is accounted an artistic success.

K. S.

09 January 2007

He wants to build, where you can only skip stones, on rowdy water.

K. S.

08 January 2007

All of us carry our version of the secret history of how the world has come to this. And we share it scoffingly, as if it were the other person's job to convert.

K. S.

07 January 2007

Nothing happens unless it happens to a Celebrity.

Thus the old koan of a tree falling in the woods, solves itself.

K. S.

01 January 2007

Poetics as gaming.

K. S.

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