The Nacreous Oughts

31 May 2006

I think we should measure a person's age by the amount of auto alternators they've gone through.

K. S.

30 May 2006

What is the opposite of "eldritch"?
I would say: "hamelie".

K. S.

29 May 2006


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K. S.

28 May 2006

A Bollywood cover of the "Chariots of Fire" theme song. Saddam Hussein on trial with Chinese subtitles.

K. S.

27 May 2006

The other Basil Wolverton.

K. S.

26 May 2006

"House of the Rising Sun," as performed by the Animals: a gnostic hymn; all the more powerful because it doesn't know that it is.

K. S.

25 May 2006

How typical of our time, to misappropriate even the name for its most sacred plot--"Ground Zero"; & further bungle "Nine One One," as so many are now saying. So we betray language, & language returns the favor.

K. S.

24 May 2006

i am so over-multitasking.

K. S.

23 May 2006

The drilligentsia want me.

K. S.

22 May 2006

My only criteria for the next car I buy will be: NO POWER WINDOWS.

K. S.

21 May 2006

"The School of Quietude" is an exonym.

K. S.

20 May 2006

The Beautiful Ones have lorded it over us long enough.

K. S.

19 May 2006

Vince Vaughn as Jack Spicer.

K. S.

18 May 2006

Chinese Propaganda Art arouses most peculiar feelings in me; for long I despaired of finding an equivalent in literature. Now I have it: Stories Toto Told Me, by that rascal "Baron Corvo"...

K. S.

17 May 2006

Nixon dethroned.

K. S.

16 May 2006

The fate of a phrase. (via Silliman)

K. S.

15 May 2006

Graywyvern sends me this recipe for "Mozarab coffee" (whatever that is): Using a French press pot & 10-11 oz of water brought to a boil quickly in a microwave, combine one scoop of Turkish grind coffee & one scoop drip-grind Italian roast, plus a light sprinkle of Guatemalan cardamom. Let stand for 4 1/2 minutes. Press & serve. Add 3/4 tsp molasses sugar to each cup. (Makes two.)
    Best with Middle Eastern music playing in the background.

K. S.

13 May 2006

Dolphin have names. (via Rebecca Blood)

K. S.

12 May 2006

The Sickipedia's Michael Jackson page.

K. S.

11 May 2006


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Tantric Workbook. ...

K. S.

09 May 2006

Egypt. (via Frizzy Logic)

A Shoggoth on the Roof successfully produced in Sweden! And: "Is sex with a shoggoth safe?"

K. S.

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K. S.

08 May 2006


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and when I must be mine.Resistless
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A turnstile: each thing
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spiralling thoughts · follow a Rainbow 1955

K. S.

07 May 2006

The Real Ketjak. (via Robot Wisdom)


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K. S.

06 May 2006

The Sands of Titan.


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There, it: Mark Twain When you
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a God.

K. S.

05 May 2006


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K. S.

04 May 2006

Know Hope. (via City of Brass)


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sparkall doors shut
· walkingsjombak bark
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vocabulary of years.

03 May 2006

Kurt Cobain should have lived. There's no one on the radio now as angry as i need them to be.

K. S.

02 May 2006


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it mattered.The time,
the cartwheel.

K. S.

01 May 2006


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K. S.

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