The Nacreous Oughts

29 June 2006

"...pencil sales have soared by about 3.5 million a month." (via Robot Wisdom)

K. S.

26 June 2006

Bulied by the early adopters.

K. S.

23 June 2006

Our civilisation failed, but our teeth were white.

K. S.

22 June 2006

You know the way Enigma sampled pygmies and Gregorian chant?
I just heard a Bollywood song that sampled them.

   The Vampire Guitars

Whenever the summer winds blow I hear the flowers whispering
stay on, permeated with their obsolescence,
a servant of the rosy cross, a correspondent with the stars;
a scumbling. It said these places were new
being gained by holding back on discovery?

Whenever the summer wind grinds the epoch of
poetry, it is impossible
grim dump only morass until murk platinum
ambit bituminous of roil you say was thought
umgang this is my

dark and fume and the death rate.

K. S.

21 June 2006

   Gone With Oz

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K. S.

20 June 2006

   O Draconian Devil

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narrowly i and
it is a car less than
five years old.

K. S.

19 June 2006

Reason is a three-legged dog.

K. S.

17 June 2006

   After Hegemony

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K. S.

16 June 2006

   The Wizard of the Winds

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K. S.

15 June 2006

"...language writing is to certain literary communities and academic circles what rap music is to the ghetto, and both genres are received similarly by most outsiders as a noisy, senseless barrage of signifiers sounding all alike..."

"Inspired by the cute little espresso coffee bars in New Zealand..." (More.)

Lots of people hate the way they look. It's inconceivable to them to hate the way they live.

K. S.

14 June 2006

End of Time.

   Red Sand, Black Bugs

nowmy longinghas no form ...I
and it imprinting it, wasdetermined that
those who produced some raw footage that happened
transpond. cranford at 6:gown, clarity, wept
skirmish Hinduism
of roil you say wasthought
in its tag. via
Metafilter Hadithamath
adoringlynil stir shardsWhy pallid
kids grok Hip Hop.

K. S.

13 June 2006


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antfarm · fallbackubangi huzzahs sting · vision
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0 comments Saturday, May 25, 2006 June 05, 2006
2006 20. Mayfly Karnak Troops
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a swarthy lampearly in Caulaucauch.A stark fist of Uuchathon ·
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balanceCarbonaceous I will not lampingand troops
did nothing wrongdown
cold languor, fictional mus...

Te Ara Encyclopedia . (via Meta Filter)

Not even wrong. (I was just saying this to my co-worker, as a matter o' fact...)

K. S.

12 June 2006


I just shut the of representation. via robot uprising.
posted by michael at amplitude
or big
dog.  Finally it nasalises it
a horse or

K. S.

11 June 2006


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highway a car less than five years
old.schooli cross paths with
the epoch of
poetry; it is impossible
until it is a lost
art turning.K. S.


K. S.

10 June 2006

A world in which everyone gives bad directions, so that the concept of being guided always includes the concept of getting lost.

K. S.

09 June 2006

The Nova Trilogy.

   How Many Miles to Auschwitz?

body of old schooli
cross paths with
the Trinity. At 7:
20 AM
Thursday, May 24, 2006
There voids ·
from them, dogs, who
depended on being , it
a few years ago there are actually
officers of poetry;
it was the Goering was
arrested in back
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Glaugnea result of representation.
via Ruminate posted by michael at 9:03 AM
var agt=navigator.

Meanwhile, in Godzone...

K. S.

08 June 2006

"If the 1980s and early 90s was the epoch of counterculture commodification -- remember the “Kerouac Wore Khakis” Gap ads and the Picasso and Einstein “Think Different” ads for Apple? -- then the last 10 years has turned out to be the epoch of self-commodification."

   Eblis Island

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AM Wednesday,
May 31, 2006
Fictional Bands. via wood_s
lot posted by michael at ColonusYarrr...
Feeta kei baloodin barm!Paradi
noikot O spareeda booFilsing
gera tort, O kalee kalakumba.

K. S.

07 June 2006

The Cartoon Ramayana.

   Claiming Your Perdition

body of Mary. The
fate of Hector and come to go blind
as the third to go but
something found in its tag. via
Ends FunJobriath. posted
by those who exploit
you in front and AndromachePattatala ta
deedle arbuNofledator
O gera tort,
O spareeda booFilsing
gera tort, O neemi nonO too Hoare,
Wilde island aks The street from
a poetic that pariah
trodso i am Saturday, May 31, 2006
via saue dot
com css/import url

K. S.

06 June 2006

James Hampton: Throne of the Third Heaven (via colonialwilliamsburg dot com)

   "Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies"

body of
signification or big
dog. Finally it is our legs
and cats doing on
their own, the flight
was discovered his doctors gave
him. in 1945, his tomb, Vlad turning.Ruinous
diaspora; our work, who believed that Giovanni
Portiero, my mind and almost full which he
now is an exclusively positive ideal—as the
manufactured, fabricated, stamped, molded
you but
what are allowed. The Girl from
him a few to go
blind as sunlight slaps a lost
art turning.

K. S.

05 June 2006

"Revolution is impossible until it is inevitable."


K. S.

04 June 2006

If the Internet is a highway, it's a highway where you can't drive a car less than five years old.

K. S.

03 June 2006

God's Banker.

K. S.

01 June 2006

Eurobad '74. (via Amberglow)

K. S.

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