The Nacreous Oughts

30 August 2006

   Let the Healing Begin

Wry espionage adorn
I rye snapdragon woe
Dinnerware go soapy
Or disparage now yen
Weapons grade irony.

K. S.

29 August 2006

Someone else likes my little nickname.

K. S.
   Mirror-Friend So Bold

Detonable knell in jib den
Dandelion kennel jib belt
Banjo knelt Indelible end
Bin Laden killed JonBenet

K. S.

28 August 2006

A map of purposes constructs a Mystery.

K. S.

27 August 2006

Pattern is its food.

K. S.

26 August 2006

This room has a döppelgänger.

K. S.

25 August 2006

The Book of Hopes and Dreams.

K. S.

24 August 2006

What are my two biggest fears? Rotten, manipulative films; & Samuel L. Jackson.

K. S.

23 August 2006

I played cowbell on "All Right Now".

K. S.

22 August 2006

To think there are people that look like the people you want to admire--who actually are poets.

K. S.

21 August 2006

   Squid Head Fireman

Fireman is my friend
Fireman is pink and fluffy
Fireman is £6
Fireman is in the game
Fireman is the first stage of
Fireman is fucking with death
Fireman is a monstrous entity who lies "dead but dreaming" in the city of r'lyeh
Fireman is google's archive
Fireman is mentioned in any historical contexts or if r'lyeh truly does rest under
Fireman is a large green being which resembles a human with the head of a squid
Fireman is a dragon
Fireman is hosting a non
Fireman is a website made by me
Fireman is a game about mystery
Fireman is promising to destroy the entire earth
Fireman is one of the most powerful
Fireman is that i don't know a damned thing about it
Fireman is a great old one
Fireman is his name
Fireman is home to blasphemous tomes
Fireman is the ultimate evil
Fireman is going to say it for me
Fireman is waiting for you with open talons
Fireman is female
Fireman is an alien being after all
Fireman is the priest of the great old ones
Fireman is three books in one
Fireman is a
Fireman is any indication
Fireman is just plain frightening in every way
Fireman is a puppet of the immortal elves i tell you
Fireman is a truly ancient being
Fireman is one of the ancient games
Fireman is the mediator between the earth and human consciousness
Fireman is all around us
Fireman is a sleeping daemon with the head of a squid
Fireman is connected to the following things
Fireman is connected to because
Fireman is out
Fireman is not in right now
Fireman is therefore to become closer to chaos and as a result to power
Fireman is no exception
Fireman is considered a classic
Fireman is apparently some old priest who worshipped the old ones
Fireman is a role
Fireman is set
Fireman is by no means a new phenomenon
Fireman is one step closer to its finishing point
Fireman is a must
Fireman is a larp troupe specializing in
Fireman is one of the key members of the pantheon known as the great old ones
Fireman is going to materialize in 15 minutes and eat you
Fireman is in the least
Fireman is a bloated humanoid form 100 feet high with an octopoid head and a face of tentacle
Fireman is the first stage of an expanding organization built by
Fireman is some kind of demon monster
Fireman is focused on exploration and investigation
Fireman is a joke

K. S.

20 August 2006

"...our guys showed a lot of ticker to get out of jail."

K. S.

19 August 2006

You are brave
I want you to be brave

K. S.

16 August 2006

When you listen to a compilation over & over, till after one song you grow to expect the next, that's a kind of meaning; when you read a specialized vocabulary word & it makes you think of a certain context, that's a kind of meaning.

Not to feel that your country is at war when your country is at war. To feel that your country is at war when it really isn't.

Should mannequins have nipples?

K. S.

13 August 2006

AT THE SUPERMARKET. Beneath the burqa, peeping out: fashionably ragged blue-jean cuffs.

K. S.

12 August 2006

Testing my faith.

K. S.

11 August 2006


How many people should there be? Earth-Firsters, when pressed, might say 1 billion is a goodly number--max. I think a tenth that, is better. Then we could all live only in the places with great climate, without getting crowded up. The Greeks, when a city topped 30 thousand, fissioned off a sister city. Perhaps 10 thousand is the least you can have in a city with it still being an interesting place to live in. I figure 30 or 10 cities of 10 to 30 thousand, each with a different & distinct culture, would do. Then if you weren’t happy in one, you could just pick up & try living in another.

The world will probably top out at 10 billion during this century, barring pandemic & nuclear holocaust. But if we agreed to one child per couple as a global standard, in only seven generations--or approximately 140 years--this goal could be numerically achieved.

Organizing it would be another matter.

K. S.

(PS I do understand that the total number of humans at any given moment is a combination of generations, but I'm afraid my calculus isn't up to doing the integral right now...)

10 August 2006

Not-silence is my utter & sufficient revenge.

But silence--silence is my grace.

K. S.

08 August 2006

What is being fed by the refusal of reciprocity? Hauteur?

K. S.

07 August 2006

My mind is my only refuge; sometimes, not even that.

K. S.

06 August 2006

Accessories we are to murder, and worse. In self defence, we point the finger at Nazis.
How useful it is to have had Nazis!

K. S.

05 August 2006

"The confusion of quantity for quality and vice versa is called subjectivity."

--Jane Dark

K. S.

04 August 2006

(from God's Man by Lynd Ward)


could,would not dare to talk
to turn &#furnishfor rim
mutinyritual posted by michael at the night the
seaThe broken timbers of the
wild spring
rain,among our 183; inklying apart ·
at 6:location.

K. S.

03 August 2006

Bloodstained is the new black.

K. S.

01 August 2006

(via keckobservatory.org) "Red Spot Jr. formed from the merger of three white spots only recently, between 1998 and 2000, and in December 2005 turned red..."

I think they should do Shakespeare.

Conlang Free City.

K. S.

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