The Nacreous Oughts

31 August 2007

    Pyrat and the Terries

metagrabolized droshky
traiks the winking versts
patched and repatched viaduct
stories folded in stories like baklava
uygun if the yegg horizon
snirps cyberbullying

Gabcast! etheric notes #12

K. S.

27 August 2007

    Segway Mibypre

dwellers, sojourners, weather
saviour hopefuls
in a Sanskrit landscape
my name writ in no-name water

K. S.

17 August 2007

I'm not short, I'm a person living with shortness.

   GMO Monster Jerky

bootlegging, serpentine
in the desert · you can remember your name
in the DMZ · cranes

leatherette rim
not yet burning · to the touch

the dream
that was electricity

K. S.

14 August 2007

"Indeed, among visualizations, this is the one that has been pointedly disallowed."

Number five with a bullet.

K. S.

09 August 2007

K. S.

08 August 2007

   Weapons of Math Destruction

aglow glacier fissure
the pull of normalcy
like bewildering sleepiness

this is not the poem

sweeping reforms
with bewildering sleepiness

mad cow subprime
i give way
to another car

ghost glaciers rumble
our bewildering sleepiness

Make Music Not War.

K. S.

07 August 2007

"Eduardo Kac has come to Paris to get his bunny back."

My kind of Soul Music.

"Paul Landry traveled for 47 days from the tip of Antarctica to reach the most remote point of its geographic interior, the Pole of Inaccessibility, and when he finally reached it he was greeted by a surprising sight -- a giant statue of Vladimir Lenin sticking out two metres above the snow."

    Iron Taters

hereby prohibit
such an act for the Presidency and
Homeland Security
and the dissidents were
also the benefit
or services
fromany such comments var site=
Open a sort of the
President and, political administrative,
grimecare of oil
resources, on
stable and political reform >
in Americaas
well in the antiwar movement. It can tell –I >
police,chief Augustine Chihuri as a
manner of the national Intelligence >
Estimate which guarantee the Margins
PFS Post

country. has been infected by the term

Gukurahundi and the poles does
not cry out The makeshift sheltersHeading >
to speak."Far as far as necessary
to respond. Present here the authority to the >
Secretary of constitutional government and to
degrees above today’poverty tastedAnd some of
filth Once

K. S.

06 August 2007

The Tickler that Exploded

ghost door · opening
the slightly juicy thunk
of a soccer ball on sidewalk

desperado · dreams
tea from the dollar store

the station interrupts
to tell us they're the station
that doesn't interrupt

is this route still wrecked
after five years why

seminary of wolves
in the shadow of the new towers

lennox is a krishna
cruise a scientologist

you know what kind of slide this is
the kind that spares no one

K. S.

Other Treasons.

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