The Nacreous Oughts

31 October 2006

"The coterie nature of Flarf’s genesis is inescapable in this account."

K. S.

29 October 2006

Men are shiite; women are sunni.

K. S.

27 October 2006

(via //billimek dot com)

K. S.

26 October 2006

"When it was pointed out that the mannequins were looking a little skinny and wore a lot of eye makeup, Jamie confessed that they couldn't find male models in time."

K. S.

23 October 2006

Obligations, like fixed constellations; dreams, like the wandering planets.

K. S.

20 October 2006

   Annals of Bum Hunting

com/The teleportation
effects a single Iraqi family that Icarus
and shaken otherwhere,And
the whence how
it But I live only
a floor longmoon brain
the wharves, the linoleum floor
longmoon brain the moons that 1923], Jakob
Burkhardt had
been, encouraged, all
aroundThey slumbered on Mars squalid or
who have been
encouraged, all these punitive expeditions that riseAt midnight,
in Calvados.But to his
quarry in Burgundy.

K. S.

19 October 2006

You listen to them describe impossible ailments.

K. S.

18 October 2006

I think we've almost got to the point where the Conspiracy isn't a secret anymore. Moreover, the Conspiracy doesn't even care.

K. S.

17 October 2006

They said in the paper she went in to save a dog or a cat, because they didn't want to write she died because she ran back into a burning building to get her Louis Vuitton handbag.

K. S.

16 October 2006

If you fetishise your every act as choosing, how will you know when a real choice presents itself?

K. S

15 October 2006

Poetry is a Vampire.

K. S.

14 October 2006

   Dance of the Nymphs of Oncology

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ranch or invented. Mum
for me I only woke,
and to
be a balmy 360 degrees below
zero will be a distant memory at 7:28
AM Monday, October 13, 2006 via michae
lcox dot >
fr posted by
yours thanks JR! . And alcoholism. e
Burchill & Tony
Parsons, The NightOn
my thornOffshore. come Lukacs,
The Hexagon grinchus ::Past:: bardic
grimoary & notions
it is to
fordabout cold about objectionable content.

K. S.

13 October 2006

"Indeed, modern critics conscious of his proven genius show an understandable reluctance to say flatly whether some of the curious words in his poetry are deliberate new-coinings or merely results of his lack of formal education." --Graeme Wilson, translator's introduction to Face at the Bottom of the World

So you are thinking of becoming a Babarist?

"Hagiwara himself explained his especial liking for beer as permitting long arguments about poetry as one proceeded slowly toward incoherence." --ibid

K. S.

11 October 2006

The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers.

K. S.
Do you think having aspirations will keep you from being crushed?

K. S.

10 October 2006

   Pyongyang Feels the Love

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fragrant am Friday, October 04,
2006 This town in Beiderbecke posted
by michael at 9:
AM Sunday, October 01, 2006
This mean? nothing... enCrimethinc. posted
by michael at 8:37 AM Sunday,
October 02, 2006 Clyfford
Still, 1949 via wood_s lot my thornOffshore. come
to vote for which
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wobbly wodwonorth if navigator.

K. S.

09 October 2006

   Beowulf Parfait

will be the glitter, and the dark torn a night club >
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claw furl squid oblong run lapwing across the instant. *
odds of claim
of this is only in that many of God, shards
scour posted by michael at 6:48
AM Sunday, September
22, 2006 6.arousal
lull · links two potato shotgun and &#rumors spliff that polygraph 183; solitary blind scrollwork
but &#I
started with Swedish director or
eccentricities, or eccentricities, or irrelevancies of late
the local is his passing of
tales, real or irrelevancies of Parnassus, and
shoulders, stretched his arm out
to actually see a death also includes films
for pools victim frabjous it should
the literary life.

Links about elephants.

K. S.

08 October 2006

Obsessed with mere stigmata, we only know vampires by the cape they're supposed to sport; & when Nazis forego their swastika armbands, we embrace them like brothers.

Heresies. (from Metafilter)

K. S.

07 October 2006


There sounds a shot of pistol
In the faraway sky; and then
A pistol-shot again,

Two pistol-shots; and my
Detective dressed in glass
Warps in from that clear sky,
Vitrescent but to find
Behind the window pane
He takes such pains to pass
The floorboards cut from crystal.
Between the fingers wind
Ribbons of blood more blue
Than words for blue contain.
And from the glazen dew
That glints like cellophane
On that sad woman's corpse
A chill, chill cricket chirps.

One morning of an early
November, dressed in glass,
The sad detective, surluy
rom sadnesses, came down

And, where the two roads cross
To quatrify the town,
Turned. At his point of turning
An autumn fountain waited.

Already isolated
In knowingness, he only
Can feel the real bereavement,
The long slow wrench concerning
Identity's decay.

Look, on the distant lonely
Acres of marble pavement
The villain, quick as silver,
Glides silverly away.'

--Hagiwara Sakutaro(tr. G Wilson)

"Nabokov somewhere asks us to choose which of three person is most likely to become a writer of significance:

one who has profoundly considered the great questions, who has taken pains to formulate complex and adequate answers to the pressing problems facing humanity;

one who is intensely sensitive to the world, the feelings evoked in the soul by time, nature, love, beauty, connections of every kind;

one who enjoys leafing through the dictionary

K. S.

06 October 2006

TV in bed--the only approved intoxication--what the world would aspire to--what we are fighting for. Crashsound reaches to your marrow. Free, indeed. Free of the burden of being a separate person. Is there any burden greater? Is there any solace sweeter than of watching TV, in bed?

"...the experimenters entangled a laser beam and the spin states of a bunch of cesium atoms. Then, when they changed the polarization of parts of the laser beam, the quantum information was teleported to the atoms' spin state."

K. S.

05 October 2006

   The Order of Poet-Assassins

sail superb and glorious day finally came.      Anyway, cliche that
too, drives me of Outide
posted by God!
and the Middle
Ages was in
beds. That, strayed, When the compiler
of the peculiar bitters of Propaganda is
one personal thought to desire
anything as
the power;&>
nbspYour a death also
makes front page news.  Sometimes a match
flickers; we pop the
sporting privileges
of Outide
posted by the distant island
He errs by michael at 1:
data = data + &
data + &r= + of Gide
on the

major sport of the houris dancing
thanksgiving cups have broken
down CHANNEL The
Channel pours out to
live the sail superb
and those highly favored,
that when the
White screenwriter from Texas,
based Eating Gilbert
Grape.  I should
have to break thy
to hate any man, reaches his limits
as the early
would be aware
that a
famous movie actor, director Ingmar Bergman and much
too sad to
the wrangling sects, which needs
walls and coldsquall
Grinchus curb
cyborg who rule us.

K. S.

04 October 2006

Corporations are the true shape shifters, they keep changing their alias; & as for their purpose, is it even expressible in the language of humans?

Rather, of viruses.

. S.

03 October 2006

   To the Dualists

Your sciamachy now stands diagnosed,
But we still dwell within the walls you've closed.

(via Metafilter)

K. S.

02 October 2006

   Gacela Vs Mothra

few and now the
power; Your a tideless sea. elloc The Age of
the taper laughs to scorn: True for
pools victim frabjous it
crypt to
be no fire is good enough to scorn:
True for Cries and the
brides of private war had pink had a
downright moron. L Candle
in #Belloc,
Note: Jane Dunlap is good enough
to be no more learned
to scorn: True for
all the
plain folks is no more Ste
vrnson posted by God! my ghazal
blog Language
Hat S3DNA tie Click
Opera grinchus ::Past:: bardic
grimoary & notions it should
the unthought are, still and
forwards, and curtains.. Aure
lius posted
michael at 7:16 AM Friday,
18, 2006 and curtains.. Aure
lius posted by name.

K. S.

01 October 2006

   Battlestar Insectica

byline {:
Courier New, Arial, ;
color: black;} .
14px;margin:10px;} .
byline {: Courier New, Arial, ;
color: white;:screenwriter from caressing.
There will
die comfortably in
their view.

K. S.

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