The Nacreous Oughts

30 March 2006

Concordance to The Tablets.

Walking with the Devil. (via Wood's Lot)

K. S.

28 March 2006

Shipbreaking. (via Cosmopoetica)

"I actually don't make much of a distinction between personality and persona; they're both fictions."

What the--?! (Is it Body Snatchers??? --Like this one.)

"One of the sun systems located there bears the name Tayget*, the central star, which is orbited by ten planets; four of these are inhabited." (*i. e. 19 Tauri.)

K. S.
"Tent villages with a capacity for 7000 people, described as "luxuriously equipped", have been put up in the desert to accommodate the tourists."

"Like the almost-dead in the film “28 Days Later” these poems are poised to bite any reader who ventures too close, hoping to infect them with the same virulent strain of avant-gardism inflicted on them by their maker who has doomed them to a life of aimless, disembodied wandering through people-less landscapes."


Umbrism believes that there is too much communication in poetry. (You want data, read a news blog.) Poems should be crazed incantations. It is magic that we look for in poetry; magic's what our lives so desperately lack that we fall for the first cheap charlatan who promises it. We demand real magic, with real toads. UMBRISM IS THE RAINDANCE FOR OOBLECH.

The original Umbrist. "...each book written in a different voice, different style, includes songs, performance scores, vispo, typography, found, texts & anti-texts."

K. S.

27 March 2006

   A Million Little Leonards

Jaguar omnichromy firn from the ovoid belvedere
gives no more than a peevish rubbery parallax.

Behemoth made landfall late by some worm tumulus
only to succumb jambalaya gingivitis.

Cold, dark, and still in the landfill my plaid monochord
twinkling sings deep robbery, sings smooth tumulus.

Sallow of goal now cajole dismantle the monochord:
sandcoil against delusions, an incense parallax.

Intense slag wordfall surrounds this mimsy belvedere
with myth hymns flourishing borogove gingivitis.

Firmly a turbofolk tune wends lonesome parallax
and you and I and Jaguar turncoat staunch gingivitis.

A waspish ambush, a dim vicarious belvedere
grasp simoorgh out of our sport and spurt warp tumulus.

Abusion rants vaunt on the slub-mobled monochord
where Mezentius once tried obtund gingivitis,

Mezentius alone in the mimsy belvedere
gazing as the borogoves caper on tumulus.

Must wolves evolve their anfractuous wounds, monochord
into polyphonic nudibranch of parallax?

Cold, dark and stil at war, Borden halving monochord
speckles the burnt children around the chirg tumulus.

Carb freedom askance and clown sezgi gingivitis
mangles the jaguar demeanour of winds' parallax:

vinegary ichneumon kiosk or belvedere.
Jaguar omnichromy firn from the ovoid belvedere.

K. S.

24 March 2006

The Sioux come through.

   "Runny's Heading Rabits

Runny lent to the wibrary
And there were bundreds of hooks--
Bistory hooks, beography gooks,
And lots of bory stooks.
He looked them over one by one
And guess which one he took--
A bience stook? A boetry pook?
Oh, no--a bomic cook!"

--Sh*l Silv*rst*in

K. S.

22 March 2006

They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers.

K. S.

21 March 2006

The Book of Threes.

K. S.

20 March 2006

How can you sing the song of creation when you don't know shit about shit?

K. S

18 March 2006

"On this day flarf became poetry."

K. S.
"Lyn Hejinian, in her essay, "Barbarism,"  writes about poetry as a border practice, and that the border is in  fact in the center, not some dejected margin, an interstitial,  "between" space. She goes on to productively (in the Althusserian sense, if I'm getting it right) read Adorno's famous line about the impossibility/barbarity of (lyric) poetry after Auschwitz as an  imperative to write "barbaric" poetry, recalling the etymology of the  word in an onomatopoeic formulation of babble, as it was used to designate foreigners who couldn't speak properly (i.e., didn't speak Greek). Adorno himself privileges the incomprehensibilty of Modernist art as the cite of its "political" resistance."

--Michael Tod Edgerton, from the Buffalo List

K. S.

16 March 2006

From above, it looks like creativity; it feels like a desert when you are crossing it.

K. S.

12 March 2006

And now, the plush toy. (via Robot Wisdom)

K. S.

08 March 2006

Yeti crab discovered! (via Metafilter)

List of People Widely Considered Eccentric. (via Momus)

21c. Romany.

K. S.

07 March 2006

   "arrives at untreatable

arrives at untreatable
laughter first of all is soluble so
sensible so interminable the rapid
transit of dissolving unmentionable
turns of phrase that get us all
worked up but are still workable
circuit of the week is interminable
this is so unknowable the rate
of real-time soft-core rentables
your choice of things to work through
that weigh in as easy as prediction
the light in the east growing over
grass succumbs to clockwork
clogging in the artery the traffic
report is vague and very porous
poor commuters coming out of cars
are reaching destinations dream-like,
determined, mining deficit and citing
the city’s dents and creases ready
to please and sincere as street cleaning
once the aspect of slow swinging vast
stacking the brick or the next idea
that eats things to gives you such
easy leverage in this age
of gorgeous rummaging.
run the manageable numbers
in time to find the light lessen
this session like all good fission
has come to an end that glistens
in lists of minutes singed so
I clearly contain contaminated
and missing simple misfit
love and I, too, can’t have less than
thorough understanding pinpoint
good as it goes or good while it
pours the mold to make the world
for septic response being sized up

But I stand and cite instances of
my own certainty to seem stable.
Moving on, the easier turns into
a comfortable careening towards
the next season and pleases others
unceasingly. I’m undefeatable."

--Laura A Goldstein

A Sonnet. Another. A Third. Fourth and Last.

K. S.
People who like chocolate generally don't expect a new form of chocolate every time.

How doomed are the oceans? (via Robot Wisdom)

Fralfenalia. (Did I just coin this word?) --Where are the Umbrist gewgaws?

"This library was once the place to which I brought the results of my research. Then one day I lost all my research in this place. Now I have come back to this place to research this place itself, in search, as it were, of my research."

"...the man is a relentless egotist who on principle never argues in good faith."

K. S.

06 March 2006

How will we know danger without Danger Music?

K. S.

01 March 2006

I had been able to observe God at that time very exactly, because I was very close thereby, and I insure that he did not make the impression at that time, as if he thereby had been particularly dissatisfied, because God that the animals were good, and he saw not therefore to the Cherubim gave two faces, sometimes even to three, about which one was the lion and the other one was the eagle, and is the Cherubim God not much more near than humans, because God can bear the face of humans even if it looks at the same time into the face of the animal. And the animal does not know property still bad, because it does not have eaten from the tree of the realization, not even the duck and perhaps also not the ant, although I am not safe of its, because never one the remainder of the fruit found, into which humans had bitten, first EH and then Adam. And doesn't one know from the ants that they eat everything, whose them to become haveful to be able? But one says also of the Chinese, why it would have been better for humans, if in the veins from EH & Adam Chinese blood had flowed, because then it probably first not the fruit, but the queue would have up-eaten, and the history of mankind would have taken completely different course. (via Babelfish)

K. S.

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