The Nacreous Oughts

28 December 2019

long march 5 

teal SWANS
subfusc WIDOW
registered ADOBE
allows me to render NOBLE
more SWEET

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24 December 2019

mysterious polyp 

a book of dead names, PLUTO
for distance; stillness LUNAR

like all the balloons at once
decided they should UNTIE

when i do leave tracks, those tracks
will cut across the TAIGA

Graywyvern didn't suspect
that tree was an OREAD

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20 December 2019

crossing the threshold of hemp 

Kestrel arc high, a dark badge
In the derring do
Necronomicon-spangly carport
Gone to darkness.

Cataclysmic-stupidity alembic
Yields demise of the comma,
Retrograde hate-slub,
Ultimate defacement of coinage:

Sin era pits its Piranesi.

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16 December 2019

lenticular johnny cash 

night VESTS
terror EXTRA
shrubbery flailing STOAT
darkest paths return route to TRACE


13 December 2019

a walk among the thrown stones 

(via i-r4ve-i on tumblr)

pink light into skua flutter gift
again threat
stay · with an italic coast
tsantsa skerry gulf

i know why the cranched bird sings 

(via @CrookedCosmos)

hie Newcastle COALS
a double only OPTIC
descendants ATONE

pilda my suit of LINEN
with a many-days-worn SCENT


02 December 2019


brief FRACK
winner RODAN
song worthy of ADELE
as new icebergs hasten to CALVE

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