The Nacreous Oughts

31 March 2005

creeley is reticent to even use the past tense to describe the past
creeley is not merely
creeley is a lyric poet of singular observation
creeley is without a doubt one of the great modern american poets
creeley is an artist’s poet
creeley is now at the state university of new york in buffalo
creeley is the author of more than 30 books of poetry as well as many volumes of prose
creeley is also well known for the diversity of his collaborations with artists outside of his genre
creeley is one of the most prolific and influential figures in
creeley is among those credited with revitalizing american poetics
creeley is also a fiction writer and editor
creeley is absolutely mesmerizing in his ability to suspend and to define the passage of thought
creeley is a new englander by birth and disposition although he has spent most of his life in other parts of the world
creeley is a writer of international reputation and co
creeley is an artist who is very connected to the realities of everyday life
creeley is also known for his many collaborations with visual
creeley is one of those people you never forget
creeley is author of more than 60 books of poetry
creeley is probably its emily dickinson
creeley is one of america's greatest living poets; he was the link between the beat poets of greenwich village and those of black mountain college
creeley is by nature a man of intense energy always overflowing the boundaries of his selfhood and asking some response in the world beyond himself
creeley is sparse or barren
creeley is a major
creeley is most often identified as a poet
creeley is the most
creeley is maybe the best talker i know
creeley is keenly aware of his body's ache and predictable decline
creeley is here and here and here
creeley is the best
creeley is recognized as one of the "rebel poets of the 1950's" and as a link between the black mountain school
creeley is a poem dictated by martians and radios
creeley is poet laureate of the state of new york
creeley is more concerned
creeley is virtually unique in bridging the divide in american letters between experimentalists and traditionalists
creeley is the author of over four dozen books of poetry
creeley is the eighth recipient
creeley is one of the originators of the black mountain school of poetry
creeley is like that too
creeley is a master
creeley is guest editor of this volume of the popular series and
creeley is america's most distinguished poet
creeley is the vice
creeley is definitive
creeley is a distinguished writer of prose fiction
creeley is a major contribution to the understanding of creeley's writing
creeley is the recipient of the 2001 lannan foundation lifetime achievement award
creeley is a poet who loves syntax and hates grammar
creeley is an artist's poet
creeley is absolutely mesmerizing
creeley is no small
creeley is here
creeley is not only a supreme master of common sense; he is a supreme master of the language of common sense
creeley is the only poet to whom spicer pays the dubious honor of writing an "homage
creeley is a poet and teacher
creeley is available in a tightly crafted limited edition 19" x 12" signed and numbered broadside created in conjuntion with mr
creeley is author of poetry collections and a novel
creeley is david gray professor of poetry and letters at the state university of
creeley is a mature poet
creeley is one of the great figures of american postwar poetry
creeley is represented by one poem
creeley is allowing himself to utilize those parts of himself that he’s inherited from his childhood as he is utilizing the parts
creeley is scheduled to visit on april 10
creeley is a very nice person
creeley is the quintessential poet of the questing psyche
creeley is one of those
creeley is a distinguished visiting professor of poetry and poetics at umaine
creeley is a good ’un
creeley is irish
creeley is an acknowledged poet of
creeley is a member of the american academy of arts and letters
creeley is a poet of short lines that have the sound of speech
creeley is a very famous american poet who writes usually short
creeley is a freelance writer
creeley is also a short
creeley is like what film technique? is it like a fade
creeley is well known for his role in launching the black mountain poetry movement at black mountain college in the 1950s
creeley is to be thanked
creeley is better known for his poetry
creeley is the 86
creeley is represented on two recent cds
creeley is a dedicated new york university student and nader supporter
creeley is samuel p
creeley is a past recipient of the frost medal
creeley is one of our most christ
creeley is also interviewed on the wired for books site
creeley is great
creeley is probably going to play for evergreen state next year

K. S.

26 March 2005


K. S.

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