The Nacreous Oughts

27 February 2012

to watch flagflutter
never exactly repeat
& the mind's own turbulence
Li grimpis kaj li grimpis kaj li grimpis
masks as volition
Vi male: cxu vi vidis
the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs
Laton kaj Uzzaon kaj Manaton,
with its stifling disortions
la trian, la alian idolon?
the black shadow of something that wasn't there
bewinged grant crabs
of a world of Lalande
two one one eight five
in another year i would start my diary
a year after that a car would hit me
all of those names are engraved
on my memory

three of them are gone
crystal ashtray
Hollerith holes
like bugs in rare array
time is not like a dollhouse
with the twentieth century one room
the twenty first another
& you can take a doll out of its room
& play with it in another · no
think of time as an ocean
& the ocean's waves are us
the wave goes up & down
& something moves through that is not the water
but a pattern
& the water stays the same
& to go back in time
would be for a wave to reverse itself'
it can't reverse itself
unless all the waves reversed themselves
& then there would still be all the waves moving
& the water going up & down
& nothing would be diff'rent
nothing would have changed


the first E-o line is from the Esperanto Winnie-the-Pooh (which i no longer have access to)
53:19-20 Have ye thought upon Al-Lat and Al-'Uzza/ And Manat, the third, the other?
then three lines quoted from The Bell Jar
the Lojban corresponds to 16:90 He exorteth you in order that you may take heed...


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