The Nacreous Oughts

27 February 2012

sound of some animal moving, occult Hormuz,
in the walls. i listen; daylight seems so harsh
after three days' rain. The diamond is a marsh
& ev'rywhere i walk my footsteps ooze.

Khanjar rhapsody JAUNONONONO
incense gjálfr vault
broken shadows caper spuriously · ask not
odium lysergic fjord
para tu loca
Q R Code
solo in "Southern Man"
injustice sound

five reflections of the one ceiling fan
in the black plastic tops
pf five syrup dispensers
lysergic vault · veil safe
the nightly apparition
or inane plea
for the moon to solidify
a word


Lojban: this is how you write the Mayan number (base 20), which is what we are calling our "2012"...
"pf" is to "of" what "pwn" is to "own" :)
Gjálfr is the sound of the sea, in Old Norse.


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