The Nacreous Oughts

23 February 2012

silky smooth
in the dark a compass
flight of birds

authentic lineage
bankster GTO
blackened lungfish
5 identical screens to watch
of cartoons while you wait

that lane's all torn up
this one's torn up too
but not as bad
Estas Li Tiu, Kiu montras
al vi Siajn signojn

terrible lamps in delicate fire
kaj sendas al vi el la cxielo
stone lantern
made of papier mache
la provizajxojn
inside are newspapers
that marked the day
edge of the roof-shadow
on the faded planks of the fence
edge of battle

if i ever
lose my sense of danger
edge of traffic
He can hear the door
in the spark


40:14 He it is who showeth His portents, and sendeth down for you provision from the sky.
+ two quotes by robot X
Arkikosa is a Native American name for the Trinity River in N. Texas.


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