The Nacreous Oughts

27 February 2012

moves out in front of me
then comes to a stop

horizons shrunk
to a warm spot to sleep

Zetas from Reticulus
ev'ry knee shall bow
to Cthulhu

estis subita interne, kaj poste silento
the day itself & its graynesses hateful
collected from all the worlds
a drop of rain from each
& then it changes
Between this corn and
    that corn

this one died of cancer last year
another one's parents were murder-suicides
shortly after this picture was taken
& i at the end of the third row
with oversized glasses & plaid shirt
& when was my hair so light
Allah kreis vin, poste Li
the underside of the erect penis
igas vin morti, kaj inter vi
estas iuj, kiuj atingas
then not enclosed
kadukan agon, tiel ke ili
poste nenion plu scias, kion ili


Lojban: a mild spring day
16:70 And Allah createth you, then causeth you to die, and among you is he who is brought back to the most abject stage of life, so that he knoweth nothing after (having had) knowledge...


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