The Nacreous Oughts

28 February 2012

La suno kaj la luno
savant bane airing
sekvas siajn vojojn
Why do i need
law mezuro
to provide a birthday?

said to contain code written by
as if Gemstone file
foggy school zone
the cluster of pinkgold streetlights
over the ravine of the deluxe underpass
& the tufted damp air an inbetween color
less real to me than a song

reading a paperback
with cloth gloves

talaria so ruby
Plutonian shore, only
with a tug passing lunar

this chryselephantine curse
the fountain's ecstatic curse
next to, seems remotely lunar

in Cracker Jacks a ruby
breaks a bicuspid, only
it isn't closure only

in harsh light of the ruby
i tasted again my curse
which turns solar to lunar

lunatics call black lunar
& deem dark's blessing its curse
i trace these deaths with only
one viridian ruby

rip down all hate ice cream


55:5 The sun an the moon are made punctual.
Lojban: that which is known to no one (=Mystery)
The last line is a misheard quote from "My Back Pages" by Bob Dylan.


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