The Nacreous Oughts

02 February 2012

"Chiron" ahead of me
in the left turn lane
forbidden compassion
on the argonaut circuit

neither to upraise
where sole balloon-spheres hover
violet eyes
in black & white
lozenge furrowed
ycelpt PALCI
trees that give no shelter
trees that give no shelter
violet implants

stint on candlelight

loose film in a paper bag
i wonder briefly what it is
tombstones higgledy-piggledy
keep the music flowing
and other nameless objects
Wolverine goes to Hell
        qibla noir
Bwana Beowulf
how silvery the echoes run
silvery · & the yesterday wind


PALCI evil XEKYBLA dark blue KANDYBLA light blue (which are different colors in Slavic languages)
Robot X (?)--No, St Elmo
last line is from one of my early (70's) computer randomizations


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