The Nacreous Oughts

08 April 2009

"The Old Man in Pajamas"

An old man in pajamas sat
on his front porch swing as the bullets flew
in Fallujah.
He was sitting in Fallujah.

And the soldiers came, and to him they said,
"I would stow it on the floor if I were you
in Fallujah,
sitting in Fallujah."

Then another wall fell across the street,
and when they could speak, he answered back
in Fallujah,
swingin' in Fallujah,

"If it's Allah's will, I'll meet my fate
on my own front porch, with my walking stick,
in Fallujah;
I will die in Fallujah.

But you're ten thousand miles from where
the nearest person dwells who'd care
if you found your
end in Fallujah."

In Fallujah,
talkin' 'bout Fallujah.


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