The Nacreous Oughts

24 April 2007

   Restart Later

As the dial hand tells o’er
The same hours it had before,
Still beginning in the ending,
Circular account still lending,
Now hold on right there mister.
It was a boating accident.

So, most mighty Queen we pray,
Like the dial day by day
And this is what I catch you do!
You may lead the seasons on,
Making new when old are gone,
Now why don’t we go to the bedroom and do it doggy style,
just the way you like it, honey-poo.

That the babe which now is young
And hath yet no use of tongue
He thing war ordered grand
Many a Shrovetide here may bow
Out and bought his cards
To that empress I do now,

Outcrop dials put indentity comfortably
That the children of these lords,
Sitting at your council boards,
Hallways, and the Red Cross Club.
May be grave and aged seen
Of her that was their father’s queen,
Skull crush with a sparkling rock

Once I wish this wish again,
Is to ignore the dead,
Superfluous maska superfluous maska mask of
Heaven subscribe it with Amen.
I wonder why its so sunny out!
Today is one fruity day!

K. S.


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