The Nacreous Oughts

24 January 2007

   The Night Swim

Nicholson, with the Longview Tx born
actor Again, this
world;into Nonsense
adjective; irreal , symbol: Good morning 1/css ; navbar/main.disastrous and
Best Motion Picture Again, just
yet. Arkin,
Little Miss chances
at thwart
common photon cannonsa word
Honor That matter, Beatty at
8:41 AM Monday, 1/23 .
2007 Said Minou
to the publishing house
Alec Baldwin 30 Rock , Swings.
When two time space, or darkhorse bids Also,
been busy reporting that matter,
Beatty Well, start with
relation to clear
the Best Actress
in The award in
Book 5.

K. S.

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