The Nacreous Oughts

13 November 2006

   Burn a Copy of Frog Town

Objectively the science is there
in the crystalline wall of electrum
From yonder realms of violets flower
you, parted from toxic equinox
Hardly, but still
What was this weird cylinder?
Fireman is all around us
lead, pitch, harangue Iwo Jima
A getting below the laborer gives the bland doom at a public craze
It's not in the Wikipedia.
Beetles away like frightened clues
day succeeds day, only the body count alters.
Banjo knelt Indelible end
Commissar, or seldom glimpser
Stood blind between;
gray * become * gray * slowly
Nothing ever ends, Fernando,
They come along humming, I do not one little bit!
rain * chrome * toska * wait
His geostrategic ictus rancid ichthys
full of blown sand and foam; what help is here?
or big
roil-formed its mellifluous faction on;
spider in Fissile copter, wanhope,
trumps the trollop pools
a scumbling. It said these places were new
their own, the flight
toad or producer passes
qlipoth · tesseract · amethyst · hiraeth
it's not love
knows its way
arrow.From the of a big
give form pain sequence mouth call stone phrase
victory of the shadows
for I would not be lonesome still:
skin · infirm scissorsglowing · lilac >
· tubularlord · Iliad
from them, dogs, who
ogham to frisking did wodwo wind import of Godclogs
complicate, playful the tank, shut my Arnold Schö>
Chartres in a regiment,
Peak Oil today,
Long pale factories in the thin rain
which his crass din knows as meaning
stricken thus, but ready.What
creeley is also a short
body of signification or if location.href
to turn furnishfor rim
the book and a mermaid and
Thoughts that no one else has had
constitute torture
bliss. How much too sad
I am of very fond bananas
adoringlynil stir shardsWhy pallid
a poetic that pariah
broken language nags dimly,
eccentricities, or eccentricities, or irrelevancies of late
warring with
a floor longmoon brain
Septic idol · poetry’s masked man
Paralyses a dildo fad
wallopstwinkling afflictionruck frost
aurochs myrrhmurmuring
about objectionable content. What I tell
The hesitating sunset floated back,
encouraged, all Blacks Block
The Consonants.
Cold, dark and stil at war, Borden halving monochord
until it is a lost
balanceCarbonaceous I will not lampingand troops
morass until murk platinum ·
the duty was allotted, mad as to rise
still and the woodland
Wry espionage adorn
drives me crazy. And layer
as the early
thinimmortal gloryobsidian slash
every predator in a bat looking for all my
ranch or invented. Mum
strange one · in common—Dread
meet the journals the pure powerof this chart beyond
charismatic, a dark, our proportion of the scabs of

There will
be no fire is good enough to scorn:

K. S.

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