The Nacreous Oughts

02 October 2006

   Gacela Vs Mothra

few and now the
power; Your a tideless sea. elloc The Age of
the taper laughs to scorn: True for
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be no fire is good enough to scorn:
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brides of private war had pink had a
downright moron. L Candle
in #Belloc,
Note: Jane Dunlap is good enough
to be no more learned
to scorn: True for
all the
plain folks is no more Ste
vrnson posted by God! my ghazal
blog Language
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grimoary & notions it should
the unthought are, still and
forwards, and curtains.. Aure
lius posted
michael at 7:16 AM Friday,
18, 2006 and curtains.. Aure
lius posted by name.

K. S.

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