The Nacreous Oughts

15 September 2006


at the edge of the city in
the garbagedump where the
trucks never stop unloading
a crazy congregation stumbles
from trashmound to trashheap
they smash their fists down on
whatever's intact they tear
to bits the pitifew items
that have remained whole they
rip everything old clothes
papers cans bones to nothing
with their shining teeth
the enlightened the faithful
every couple yards one of them
falls and is torn to shreds by
the others at the edge of
the city where there's a line
waiting to join"

--Bill Knott

"He has said in interviews, only half-jokingly, that he dresses in black because if he shaved his head and wore white robes, it would be too close to what he sings about."

As perfect a statement of what Umbrism is all about, as anyone could ask for!

K. S.

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