The Nacreous Oughts

21 September 2006

   The Part in the Movie Where the Music Gets Soft

baleful battle-axe shrieks hypocritically,
inmate ruminates
gently, grumbling, dreaming shrill
traveled condescension smotes hysterically,
cockeyed images pluck
stout body overflows unholily,
THE consequences of the Moon Is
broken language nags dimly,
more than steals among
ignominious degeneration sucks sleeplessly,
warm cinders, and thus can't
sharp rider looks hypocritically,
any adequate synonyms for
vestigal vowel capitulates impersonally,
them , is that there aren't any
plastic dream overflows bleakly,
adequate synonyms for
concrete feces capitulates hypocritically,
lack of
concrete entry overflows awfully,
race music,
drunken entry craves terribly,
and wore white robes, it would
plastic sack sighs suggestively,
be too close to trashheap they smash their
tribal party usurps caressingly,
shining teeth the enlightened
tribal degeneration boils sleeplessly,
the Stripes see what it played for
deliberate body defers sleeplessly,
irony? is that the city where the trucks never stop
unloading a
perfect summer falls thinly,
crazy congregation stumbles from trash mound to join
perfect feces sucks hysterically,
He shaved his head and someone
dark laundromat nourishes sleeplessly,
in its course accordingly from those reimagined
beginnings, to trashheap they smash
their own role
in office the one of what
he shaved his head
and is no
longer even the solved via
purification: a good
point for they tear to bits the
only thing they
do. Yet they must keep fitful vigil.
Here, the Nacreous Moon. And me, and
wore white coat whose control the
valley has not
curb stand twistboards up digital fracas chimp
in the
a:staggering, hypocritical misreading both of what it goes through
you aware that he has not only
thing they continue
as if

K. S.

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