The Nacreous Oughts

11 August 2006


How many people should there be? Earth-Firsters, when pressed, might say 1 billion is a goodly number--max. I think a tenth that, is better. Then we could all live only in the places with great climate, without getting crowded up. The Greeks, when a city topped 30 thousand, fissioned off a sister city. Perhaps 10 thousand is the least you can have in a city with it still being an interesting place to live in. I figure 30 or 10 cities of 10 to 30 thousand, each with a different & distinct culture, would do. Then if you weren’t happy in one, you could just pick up & try living in another.

The world will probably top out at 10 billion during this century, barring pandemic & nuclear holocaust. But if we agreed to one child per couple as a global standard, in only seven generations--or approximately 140 years--this goal could be numerically achieved.

Organizing it would be another matter.

K. S.

(PS I do understand that the total number of humans at any given moment is a combination of generations, but I'm afraid my calculus isn't up to doing the integral right now...)

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