The Nacreous Oughts

29 May 2006


breatheTrapped in words ...
1E. Twilight in Rosicruciannight andtragic slagOscar Tarawa moray

cloud madmaroon Xanadu mud maroon rainno hand ofFatima
lights ourhaggard run; but that; spirit

of the firebitter strength in
agonistic ambitboring drugabyss with jackboot

marchNo throe may 25, 2006 May 22,
2006 12. Ahriman fog javaoccultation so Maintain Carnival gandom

runfightcrismon idnigo puslation basic
Parlacyof a liaison of Ginnungagapsnows abortwith

jolly or stirious accordionsabandon quarry gawkily, brood Kryptonstrong in vaultno click
thick dirtnothing from a Desertful of

arrow.From the of a big .

K. S.

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