The Nacreous Oughts

08 May 2006


byline {: Courier New, TenTheir bills
browner as a
crowded, smoky hot room with a
building, lifeboats >
and that a quick retreat
or stilb
· addict twinklingkilo anchovy ·
glassgrasp what &#
does Gnosticism even exist? via Reposted
by each previous thing, leading
all things grow and shouting at 7:25 AM var
data, r= + posted by michael at 6:46 AM
rican Poe
try 1925 Pair
was created, unceasingly while is what would
constitute torture.
scandal in Priestle
y in: Vanity List of Reagan and when
I think it was a starhaunts
this feeling, for the Taj [Mahal] is no
food, no food, no cabaret. People
how to form new rules
and when I must be mine.Resistless
grass, to parchAnd whiten in
A turnstile: each thing
infirm scissorsglowing · coruscatingnarrow
spiralling thoughts · follow a Rainbow 1955

K. S.

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