The Nacreous Oughts

05 May 2006


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Courier New, TenTheir bills
turned browner as lorn · apartosmium · as Mars
in the theme: queming,
an empire and that of the Le
Candle in #My blood;
For Peak Oil today, nine are used literally,
while silence than today nine are all
kind of all things bent & dismayedby oppression dwell
in 10 The Wiki
The Wiki The Wiki The
LeCarl Brown
1996 The Enola Gay is most common
relates to its vocabulary was simply
deluded and sang frequently, even wearisomely, of brisk
coma ·
dawningavoidy i &#bear but in the Victorians]
for hope made clear that priorities
are hacking away pieces of seasons, of roses.
Yet more of the
only prize?Is a
word for a tart >
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martyrby · blindfold scrytchwalk
among rocksthis rhythm
knows its way
No reprieve;And had left. I
do not quite so mostly do
not a hotel room with the cartwheel.
Immensely important in a war
correspondent ...

K. S.

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