The Nacreous Oughts

28 March 2006

"Tent villages with a capacity for 7000 people, described as "luxuriously equipped", have been put up in the desert to accommodate the tourists."

"Like the almost-dead in the film “28 Days Later” these poems are poised to bite any reader who ventures too close, hoping to infect them with the same virulent strain of avant-gardism inflicted on them by their maker who has doomed them to a life of aimless, disembodied wandering through people-less landscapes."


Umbrism believes that there is too much communication in poetry. (You want data, read a news blog.) Poems should be crazed incantations. It is magic that we look for in poetry; magic's what our lives so desperately lack that we fall for the first cheap charlatan who promises it. We demand real magic, with real toads. UMBRISM IS THE RAINDANCE FOR OOBLECH.

The original Umbrist. "...each book written in a different voice, different style, includes songs, performance scores, vispo, typography, found, texts & anti-texts."

K. S.

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