The Nacreous Oughts

27 March 2006

   A Million Little Leonards

Jaguar omnichromy firn from the ovoid belvedere
gives no more than a peevish rubbery parallax.

Behemoth made landfall late by some worm tumulus
only to succumb jambalaya gingivitis.

Cold, dark, and still in the landfill my plaid monochord
twinkling sings deep robbery, sings smooth tumulus.

Sallow of goal now cajole dismantle the monochord:
sandcoil against delusions, an incense parallax.

Intense slag wordfall surrounds this mimsy belvedere
with myth hymns flourishing borogove gingivitis.

Firmly a turbofolk tune wends lonesome parallax
and you and I and Jaguar turncoat staunch gingivitis.

A waspish ambush, a dim vicarious belvedere
grasp simoorgh out of our sport and spurt warp tumulus.

Abusion rants vaunt on the slub-mobled monochord
where Mezentius once tried obtund gingivitis,

Mezentius alone in the mimsy belvedere
gazing as the borogoves caper on tumulus.

Must wolves evolve their anfractuous wounds, monochord
into polyphonic nudibranch of parallax?

Cold, dark and stil at war, Borden halving monochord
speckles the burnt children around the chirg tumulus.

Carb freedom askance and clown sezgi gingivitis
mangles the jaguar demeanour of winds' parallax:

vinegary ichneumon kiosk or belvedere.
Jaguar omnichromy firn from the ovoid belvedere.

K. S.

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