The Nacreous Oughts

18 March 2006

"Lyn Hejinian, in her essay, "Barbarism,"  writes about poetry as a border practice, and that the border is in  fact in the center, not some dejected margin, an interstitial,  "between" space. She goes on to productively (in the Althusserian sense, if I'm getting it right) read Adorno's famous line about the impossibility/barbarity of (lyric) poetry after Auschwitz as an  imperative to write "barbaric" poetry, recalling the etymology of the  word in an onomatopoeic formulation of babble, as it was used to designate foreigners who couldn't speak properly (i.e., didn't speak Greek). Adorno himself privileges the incomprehensibilty of Modernist art as the cite of its "political" resistance."

--Michael Tod Edgerton, from the Buffalo List

K. S.

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