The Nacreous Oughts

01 March 2006

I had been able to observe God at that time very exactly, because I was very close thereby, and I insure that he did not make the impression at that time, as if he thereby had been particularly dissatisfied, because God that the animals were good, and he saw not therefore to the Cherubim gave two faces, sometimes even to three, about which one was the lion and the other one was the eagle, and is the Cherubim God not much more near than humans, because God can bear the face of humans even if it looks at the same time into the face of the animal. And the animal does not know property still bad, because it does not have eaten from the tree of the realization, not even the duck and perhaps also not the ant, although I am not safe of its, because never one the remainder of the fruit found, into which humans had bitten, first EH and then Adam. And doesn't one know from the ants that they eat everything, whose them to become haveful to be able? But one says also of the Chinese, why it would have been better for humans, if in the veins from EH & Adam Chinese blood had flowed, because then it probably first not the fruit, but the queue would have up-eaten, and the history of mankind would have taken completely different course. (via Babelfish)

K. S.

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