The Nacreous Oughts

07 March 2006

   "arrives at untreatable

arrives at untreatable
laughter first of all is soluble so
sensible so interminable the rapid
transit of dissolving unmentionable
turns of phrase that get us all
worked up but are still workable
circuit of the week is interminable
this is so unknowable the rate
of real-time soft-core rentables
your choice of things to work through
that weigh in as easy as prediction
the light in the east growing over
grass succumbs to clockwork
clogging in the artery the traffic
report is vague and very porous
poor commuters coming out of cars
are reaching destinations dream-like,
determined, mining deficit and citing
the city’s dents and creases ready
to please and sincere as street cleaning
once the aspect of slow swinging vast
stacking the brick or the next idea
that eats things to gives you such
easy leverage in this age
of gorgeous rummaging.
run the manageable numbers
in time to find the light lessen
this session like all good fission
has come to an end that glistens
in lists of minutes singed so
I clearly contain contaminated
and missing simple misfit
love and I, too, can’t have less than
thorough understanding pinpoint
good as it goes or good while it
pours the mold to make the world
for septic response being sized up

But I stand and cite instances of
my own certainty to seem stable.
Moving on, the easier turns into
a comfortable careening towards
the next season and pleases others
unceasingly. I’m undefeatable."

--Laura A Goldstein

A Sonnet. Another. A Third. Fourth and Last.

K. S.

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