The Nacreous Oughts

01 February 2006

"The whickles were strange petroleum-eating insects that were responsible for the declining production in the Pennsylvania [oil-] fields. Gib [Morgan] was doing his best to exterminate them. His method was to sprinkle applejack on the bushes around the wells; the whickles would come and get drunk and Gib would catch them." --Mody C. Boatright, Folklore of the Oil Industry (1963)

"Lennard Davis' founding study, Enforcing Normalcy, posits the source and salient character of ableist ideology as specifically Modern, while his recent work on "Dismodernism" envisions "a new category based on the partial, incomplete subject whose realization is not autonomy and independence, but dependency and interdependence." Deliberate or not, this phrasing reads practically identical to axioms in innovative poetics (re: readership as well as composition), specifically those poetics associated with Modernist, avant-garde, and contemporary poetries of "indeterminacy." " --Patrick Durgin, via the Buffalo List

K. S.

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