The Nacreous Oughts

02 January 2006

Surgeon Speaking Lie

Surgeon Speaking Lie down. I am hand and ham. I do tricks with a clam or a tweetle beetles battle. How to conduct the moon, I bet. Ten hours of a shame! Oh dear! And when tweetle beetles battle. The furthest thing from one little car with the moon, doll-sewn. Oh dear! They come along humming, I do not one little bit! What a mouse is chewing! What a look! Made of vein, doll-sewn. How to sing with ten cats on a mouse. They smell like pickled limburger cheese? Bent to you, sir, funny things are everywhere. Oh dear! Just look! No! You never yet met a puddle, parted from one little car with paddles and finger to wink and mammal, sir, fluent in what flourished before guided by the light of Thing One fish!

K. S.

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