The Nacreous Oughts

18 January 2006

"In no county is the gap between the quality of the educated elite and the quality of the political class as great as it is in Turkey. For decades, each of Turkey's political parties has been run by a single individual, sometimes with a tiny coterie of coconspirators. These few figures choose candidates for public office by using a single criterion: blind obedience." --Stephen Kinzer, Crescent and Star (2001) --Poetry??

Kasbah Agafay. Kasbah du Toubkal.

   "The Death of the Twelve Commandments

I shoot them who would have shot, no question.
Through tangled city mists I come to suffer
more than the fronting waves, and gamble a fortune
on a hell full of reasons to mind my troubles.

This is a case of crystal robots who sleep
high up tortuous cliffs. This churned end
a fanfare for the New Jurassic shocks;
an encyclopedia of knives in consummation.

The moon has just risen on our mischief's sleep
and she and I with other emperors run:
the viol, the violet and the vole come

(O Miracle at Philadelphia!)--coil
of meringue-outangs with nerf bazooka respect--
and fall in created addictions. It's a life."

--Al Carbon, Ontology of the Rose (1972)

K. S.

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