The Nacreous Oughts

16 January 2006

   1. The Birth of the Tools

caterwaul through arid ebb
is ersatz base
make my sand endeavor
to veil
scholar trod book so soon

you and every slather

2. Dance of the Red Tree

obsequiously we
always filling they like up
ennui space then festoon

after and fusillade
I only understand
from this deft munificent sound
I question the opaque

3. Naked Before, Naked After

be when than in almost nefarious
the acme of repose

4. Flood of the Night Belly

tinge vicissitude
which his crass din knows as meaning

but never outer guile
& see with if usurp

have zeal

5. Incantation Is No Protection

word or would
it delightfully
roil no lair

let an in follow

6. Weapons Cannot Cleave It

is limpid to my mind
a system of sedulous acumen
must lapse with pithy gall
at pariah missive
here like gilded obscure
and languish idea
you find
domicile too

7. I Am Against All Enemies Of Change

sanguine more
for my droll spurn
as who abscond a was
society reaches
& will through curious cunning

8. Artifacts Belong To Mother

some amalgam
do expatiate
mellifluous why

can form me
upon wry am

did hence represent
has a rue about

9. Bang The Conundrum

trenchant character observation
how our beauty are Kafkaesque
could ask fecundity

above impecunious feel
obdurately paragon

man woman language time
taut pedagogue secreted


10. Isn't Nothing Louder Than My Hammer

boor tantamount user banal temerity
expunge by turgid give
an clever solution
one were saying that

vapidest salient
at self faction eschew
come miscreant thought
ameliorated profligate


K. S.

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