The Nacreous Oughts

16 January 2006

Another from Meesh:

   "Undoing Is My Alembic

Will a counterfeit solitary next buzz
my crumble its rabbit carved nest builds

As banging light be rid cycle teeth
and you the too room wolf

Not this hard to in body wreckage end
its fast pomp all multiple I intend

The bothers am intact exactly make me wracked
again not apart in the rid season back

To my will world fingertips of panic flood
as volted cells am where go mild

Like you that and am intent I sweat
to cold as would be bee wire let

A mason of grass I from moon rabbit left
in not manner its various and a daft

Of ever soothe bones a have of go
the not me me as you stick to the follow

I will and the I rid neck pinching
of took you go as spring

Things flea me and the from me will
not you of the all"

K. S.

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